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Another Close Call

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by grange, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. that is freak
  2. farrrrk dude.
    did you shit your pants?
  3. Pretty sure that wasn't a vid from the rider of the OP. It was in the US by the look of it.

    1. SH1T road surface.... bloody hell.
    2. Sh1t lines he was taking on the corners.
    3. brown trouser moment for sure. Very lucky to be alive.
  4. ..Shite!!.... they were damn lucky!!... :-s
  5. canyon chasers. Nevada i think.
    that was pretty cool. yeah he was wide, but shit he handled it very well.
    stupid cars should'nt be there anyway
  6. Why was that fagget in the van flipping the rider off?
  7. My bet is green car stopped quickly to turn left without indicating. Van driver was flipping off green car.
  8. Bike didn't do himself any favors by getting distracted by the bicycle and missing the brake lights on the car in front though!
  9. Van had hazards on when stopping. Once the bike avoided accident he turned hazards off.
  10. Because the motorcyclist was riding like an incompetent fool and put them all in danger. That's my guess.

    He should open his eyes next time.
  11. Motorcyclist > Cager
  12. Rider gets thrown like a ragdoll, and walks away....

  13. I love how everyone stops and rushes to help in these asian vids of people being hit or having major accidents!