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Another close call vid

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by tunelliner, Jun 13, 2008.

  1. lol another one

    sorry my bad... i was in a rush ! didnt know u couldnt post imbedded stuff on here
    still tryin to figure out how i can turn this into HTML code instead of BBCode

  2. Try putting that link again, buddy :wink:
    But having got to it.... :shock: OMFG! My ticker is beating hard just from seeing that! I feel a little nauseous, too.

    Now can anybody tell me what he did wrong (apart from get on a motorcycle)?
  3. #3 blackjacket, Jun 13, 2008
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    There you go

    Seems like he just target fixated and locked up the rears, instead of just leaning over. Can't see why he couldn't have ridden that one out. Must be inexperience. He's damn lucky he didn't lowside with the lockups and the dirt.
  4. :shock: I guess he did well to miss them all.

    Bet the people in the cars/utes were pissed off!
  5. It looks like he took the wrong line, I reckon he should have been out wider to get his view then dipped into the turn, he took a very straight line.
  6. I reckon he just came in too fast and wasnt confident enough to lean the bike over. he kept a level head though. could have lowsided it, but didnt.

    just inexperienced.
  7. One lucky rider, I was trying to work out if he was braking from the speedo numbers but its a bit hard to see. I would guess target fixation on the oncoming car and braking tending to sit the bike upright and force it wider in the turn.

    In any case brown trouser time. :)
  8. He never attempted to take the turn. He got around the first 1/3 of the turn with about 10 degrees lean angle. Wasn't going too fast, just never attempted it. You've gotta give the corner a go before you've got ANY chance of getting around it.