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Another chick joins the ride!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by celinou, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. Sup everyone!

    Finally joined the NR after being referred to a few times. Relatively new to riding but enjoying every moment of it! Gotta thank my bf for pushing me in getting my licence! :)

    He rides a 2005 Honda CBR600RR and I'm currently riding a 2011 Ninja 250! Loving it although already looking at getting my next upgrade! Looking at getting an R6 but I'm a short ass (30" seam and 5'1) so don't know how choosing the highest bike would help!! :rofl: :p

    This year we're going to join in the Cranbourne Moto GP Run so that should be fun!

    Looking forward to joining more rides!!

    See ya around!
  2. Hi there celinou and welcome to NR.
  3. Welcome to NetRider celinou.
  4. welcome to the fun of the road

    there are lowering kits available for lots of bikes, to suit those who are altitude-challenged, you know :LOL:
  5. Paul's right. I know another lady on another forum with a Kawa 636 that's been lowered. The boys can't ride it any more because she's too light and the springs are too soft and too short - but it works fine for her.
  6. Welcome to NR. As Kernel said - bring your bike and the BF down to St Kilda.
  7. Welcome aboard.
  8. I demand pics or your not a chick ;) lol.............................................................

    Nah seriously, welcome and enjoy the circus that is NetRider.......................
  9. I concur, pics or you're not female!
  10. Welcome to NR
  11. Hi and welcome to NR
  12. hey & welcome
  13. Please forgive those amongst us who insist on showing their more debased side by demanding pics to prove your gender, we all know that it's a blatant ploy by the somewhat depraved (and obviously deprived) lower individuals who also inhabit this site.

    I on the other hand am a father and a grandfather, (this means you can trust me) so please PM me your pic and I will attest to your femininity.

    p.s. Trust me I'm a man, would I lie to you? :angel:

    p.p.s. Welcome to Netrider, welcome to the wonderful world that is motorcyles
  14. Lol'd!

    I am here: http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=-37.718282,144.836813
  15. I wouldn't have said it better!!! and thanks to everyone for making me feel welcome!
  16. PS: Jym I love Freddy!