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Another cheap ass camera

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Temich, Aug 21, 2013.

  1. wtf $35
    wtf wtf ????
    misprint ??
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  2. That product has been available on ebay and other places for quite a few months, around the $60-70 mark. My mate bought one, reckons it's ok. At $35 not a lot of cash at risk.
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  3. I'm gonna pick one up tomorrow, just because it's too cheap to pass up
  4. Sounds good will be checking them out today also, for this price its not worth the hassle for this Collingwood supporter to steal :D
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  5. the design looks identical to the one Aldi had a few weeks ago in their motorbike gear sale.

    for the price there is nothing to fault it - mate bought one at Aldi and it's no Go-Pro but pretty bloody good
  6. I think @goddie has one of these.
  7. I have had one of those for around 6 months now.

    What I like:
    It works,
    It is cheap,
    Works under water.

    What I do not like:
    Mounts are flimsy,
    Colour of footage favours a purple tinge. (trees seem to look slightly purple)
    Buttons are a pain in the Arse.
    Editing footage ??? fark knows.

    If I dont mount the camera the right way up, then I have yet to work out how to rotate the footage when reviewing it on the computer. (Operator error, I figure!)

    However, just to review my riding techniques / approaches etc.. it does the job. but with regard to posting footage , I would go with a better camera.

    I believe Kogan have a GoPro rip-off for sale that seems to get good reviews, this will be my next purchase.
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  8. Well I've tried a few places around me and it looks like no one has any in stock....
  9. Yep I do have one of these, and for $35 thats cheap as chips!! Quality , well for the price, how can anyone try and compare it with go pro??
    I reckon it's 'OK' the handle bar mount bracket is plastic, from china, there you have it, it will vibrate and buzz as it is designed for a pushbike, but it does work!!
    JayCar have a 720 camera that looks like a gopro copy again, you get what you pay for. Good lighting helps, thats all I can say :)
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  10. just got one from North Ride store, will be testing on a weekend:D

    p.s.: thanks for the replies!
  11. I Came across a "Action Camera" from Kmart for $59
    Brand was Audio Sonic. Only tested it out a few times, but it seems to Work Brilliant so far. ( Atleast in my car )

    I like going through twisty's in the car ( 01 SS Commodore ) picks up sounds and speed really well.

    pain to edit and upload though... + need to have a sd card

  12. I'd like to see an example of the footage out of interest......
  13. Supercheap have an apparently extremely good one for $129... I know alot more but apparently it's gopro comparable
  14. yes sir. msg'd a few people on youtube and they swear by them.
    I'm looking at second options as my gopro batt only lasts like 1.5hrs. Pita for longer rides etc
  15. jerry when are you getting to sat morn prac session ?
  16. anyone needing a micro sd card for their cameras Aldi are selling san disk 32gb micro sd cards for $25 I grabbed one yesterday just in case I get my camera for fathers day

  17. i bought one of these and only used it once but it was ok. although the sound dosent match up with the video on mine. not a problem for me though

  18. Mine did that the first time I used it, was severely annoyed. found if you don't press it while moving or press it slightly longer it works fine.. software problem?

    But it was only $50, cant be perfect
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