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Another Chase thru Albury.....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by joetdm, Jun 8, 2011.

  1. You have to check out the guy in the ute at the end of the video who looks like he thought he was the one being pulled over...lol


  2. What a little retard... Bet he thinks he's super cool too.
  3. ah Albury, boredom does strange things to people :LOL:
  4. ...No probs... he was just riding within his limits!!... 8-[
  5. There was one through Botany a couple of nights ago as well. Rider crashed.
  6. But if you're a rider, there is no reason to be bored in Albury, they have some of the best roads in the country right on their doorstep.

    No, this guy sounds like he's simply a moron. To do something like that after not long getting out of gaol, he can't be the sharpest tool in the shed.
  7. Hey remember everyone there's another chase on Highway Patrol tonight.
    This one ends in a crash :(
  8. Like them or hate them. You have to give it to the plod on this one.
    It could have been a lot uglier. For the rider.
  9. Not one bit of stupid cop driving noted.
  10. It's albury dude, only about 17 people live there and same number of cars. Cop likely already knew who it was.

    Besides, the guy couldn't ride for crap, cop could have kept up with him even if he was in a datsun 120
  11. #11 joetdm, Jun 8, 2011
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    Couldn't help feeling sorry for rider on highway patrol tonight. Some people although better off the road really need help.
  12. Now that plod was an idiot. Chasing a bike down a road the wrong way with side streets at 160 plus.
    He was as big a ******** as the guy on the R1. Pity he didn't hit a pole as well.
  13. Strange how the world changes, when i was growing up in Sydney, cops were always chasing kids on trailbikes around the traps, never made it to the headlines as unregistered uninsured vehicles in chase.
    In fact people openly laughed as the kid ducked down a laneway or footpath to freedom , or across a park, was just seen as harmless youth skylarking
  14. Does anyone have a link to the highway patrol ep? I missed it. Was the R1 rider ok?

    Dirtbike rider in Albury - What a complete waste of oxygen he is....
  15. Best episode ever.

    Damn tradies are funny bastards.....nutslap on national TV. Better than planking.
  16. albury ride, idiot, and i second that, anyone got a copy of highway patrol from tonight?
  17. faaaaiir dinkum that was some impact, how on earth do you get up from that and run, what a waste of a R1
  18. Did anyone record it? I missed it
  19. I cant belive how owned he got, yet he managed to get up and start bolting. i figured he was at least going to have broken bones and such. suprised he wasnt killed (i assumed they probably wouldnt have shown it if he was)

    But honestly people are so stupid, if you have drugs why would you run, its just going to make them search you, better to pull over cop it and act smooth. fools!

    (dont do drugs kids)
  20. Yeah, cos an ounce of weed stuffed in your jacket won't reek at all!
    Still trying to work out how the packet of straws was an "obvious" indicator he was carrying though?