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another CH10 free to air

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Grant600RR, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. Just flicked through the TV guide and read that there is meant to a second Channel 10 only available to HDTV. At the moment there's already ABC2, well just repeats and re-runs of shows that was televised like a few days ago from the ABC.

    Hopefully, waste of time making a mention of this, probably the second Channel 10 will be all repeats of criminal investigation shows that I don't even watch. Just hoping they do put on some old school repeats that haven't been repeated for like 15-20 years that I enjoyed watching on Channel 10 when I was a kid like "The Comedy Company" as one of them.

    Can't forget "Double Dare", an old school game show where 12 year old contestants got wet and messy. I couldn't have my afternoons after school without watching it back then. I'd probably change the channel five minutes into this show.

    However, "It's A Knock Out" was dope, just a crazy sport game show just like "Friday Night Games" or "Big Brother Friday Night Live" and very 1980's, except this all happened in a football stadium back then. That's a Channel 10 show that I really miss the most! Heaps better than "Friday Night Games".

  2. It will be a dedicated HD channel running first run programming and HD exclusive shows and movies.

    That was the gist of the press release I read about it a couple of weeks ago.
  3. ABC2 is much more than a re-run channel, however. Live concerts from The Old Grey Whistle Test (admittedly repeated a coupld of times), and other places, Late Night Legends, (sports broadcasts from yonks ago) and lots of other stuff, make it worth having a DSTB all by itself.....
  4. +1

    We record lots of stuff from ABC2. Looking forward to Ch10 "2". :grin:
  5. Don't get too excited if you live outside metro areas.
  6. when does it happen??
  7. Scrambles is involved in all of this - he works at Ch10 I believe.
  8. Any idea if Adelaide is included?
  9. Don't see why not. If you can get normal network CH10 then you should get it.
  10. Nah, country towns aren't included :p :p

    So when does it start?
  11. December according to 10's website