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Another case of bike prejudice

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by jawntybull, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. I reckon I'm a pretty honest looking guy :roll: most of the time - and I must have been into Dck Smiths 50 times in my life. Never been asked to stop and have my bag checked.

    So, I went in the other day after riding the GS there, and after a few minutes got bored and headed out between the registers. This woman nearly knocks over two other customers in her lurching effort to stop me inside the front door - "excuse me sir, please step over here. I would like you to open your backpack for me to check".

    Now I know this happens from time to time, but I swear its the first time in this store. The only difference I can think of - I was in full riding gear carrying a helmet and gloves. I hadn't been near the expensive stuff either - just the video games (that aren't in their cases anyway are they?).

    So my conclusion - "crikey, a bikie! must be stealing something". Of course I told them so but they said it was "just policy" - cr*p!

    So I gave back the three things I had stolen and rode off into the sunset (kidding!!)
  2. I could understand them stopping a bike guy. Backpacks, puffy jackets, gloves, plenty of places to hide things. I wouldn't take it personally, besides for all we know they may have recently caught someone stealing who was dressed in bike gear?
  3. This happened to me at shops a lot. Getting a tightly worn backpack off in leather armour is not that easy. I have my backpack on pretty firmly for obvious reasons

    Last time it happened, I told the chick to just zip open my bag and look in it. She told me she wasn't allowed (which I knew), but I told her she had my permission to look in it.

    What do I care? There's a bunch of uni books, nothing stolen. After a bit "I'm saying you're allowed", "I'm saying I'm not", she just said don't worry about it.

    I used to work at Kmart a while ago, some of it as door biatch. No-one has to open their bags, you're always well within your rights to refuse. Even if they put you under citizens arrest.

    All they can do is not ask you to return, as you're not meeting their conditions for entry. Good luck policing that in a huge store.
  4. Someone told me if the bag is smaller than an A4 sized piece of paper they are not legally allowed to search it? This might be totally wrong...
  5. Reminds me of something i saw at Woolies the other day.
    There was this girl pushing a wheelchair bound woman through the 12 items or less checkout area having just been served by this young checkout chick,checkout chick looked about 17. Just as the pair are about through the serving area (and the next customer has plonked his 12 items down in front of CC) the CC suddenly realizes something and motions to the woman pushing the chair to stop ,how nice i thought ,the woman pushing the SEVERLEY handicapped woman must have forgotten something at the counter and CC is holding up the long friday afternoon Q to help out.
    Oh no, she wants to search the Handicapped womans little well worn canvas Flintstone bag which was sitting on the little table attached to her chair . :oops:
    fcuk me i didn't know where to look. I felt sorry for the girl who was minding the woman ,she was trying very hard to get the bag off the handicapped chick in order for the search to take place, felt for the 17 year old who didn't know any better,who by the way wished she had never asked when she relised one second to late that the HCWoman was not gonna let go of her Flintstone bag!
    Felt sorry for me. :?:
    The only one i didn't feel for at the time was the chick in the chair, she didn't even know she was IN Woolies.

    So don't worry about it jawntybull.

  6. We all know bikers just cannot be trusted. :p
  7. They have no right to search unless they have reasonable cause, i.e. witnessed an offense having taken place.

    Does seem to confuse them when you say no, or challenge them for reasonable cause, but it's all part of the fun. Never had them ring the cops or anything, they just look like you slapped them in the face with a fish.
  8. There's no law against asking nicely. They can ASK to search anything they wish.

    That rule's there to stop every womans handbag being emptied out, on the way out.

    I think it's more of a store policy than a law. Anyhow, they've got 0 powers, unless they citizens arrest you.
  9. I too was asked to display the contents of my backpack at a Bunnings store.

    I refused.

    They demanded.

    I refused.

    They demanded some more.

    I asked them to arrest me in order to conduct a search.

    They gave me a filthy look and quizzed my request to be arrested.

    They let me leave without checking my backpack.

    The signs state that it is a condition of enty into the store that I must display my bag for checking.

    As I was not challenged upon entry to the store, one would assume that they were ok with me to enter. Had they told me upon my entry, "we'll let you in if you let us check your bags on the way out" and I refused to the search then they have every right to refuse me entry.

    Section 458 of the Crimes Act states that in order to effect an arrest, there must be "finds commiting"*

    One lady at BigW threatened to call the police when I refused to show them the contents of a bag once.

    I asked for the manager to come and see me.
    I then phoned the police and said that I wanted to report an unlawful arrest.

    I was promptly asked to leave the store ;)

    On the way out, I asked if they wanted to check my bags :rofl:

    It's a game I used to play often. I'm getting too old for those games now though ;)

    Most ex LPO's do the same ;)

    Basically, Finds Commiting means that someone has to have seen you commit an offence.

  11. Legaly, you are not required to show your bag. stores request it as a goodwill from your customers, and the average derro is not going to know their rights. it's these fu***its that you're targeting. the same people that slip a bottle of dimple into their pants and claim it's their package. "Of course your junk is triangular."

    Unless the assistant is being a prick, I respect their wishes. I know that it helps as a deterrent. I've seen enough scum through work (at a bottle shop) to appreciate the deterrent. I'd prefer the method smaller shops use - leave your bags at the entrance. that way you only have to watch for scum picking up a product, then turning away from the camera.
  12. I will hazard a guess, and suggest that the GS500 had very little to do with your experience.
  13. I used to think it was my bike gear that was the reason for the "door wench" to request to check my bag.

    After I pillioned my better half once (and were both wearing the gear), I realised that it must be my untrustworthy face. She walked straight past Larissa, I was approached by the lady at the door... Despite Larissa holding the backpack. :-s
  14. Like VIC i play games with them too,

    I get asked all the time to open my bag and give them a look, usually i spin around and get the "I cant touch your bag sir" so i just shrug my shoulders at them and walk off.

    Or if i'm in the mood for fun and games i say.

    : No thanks.
    : Zippers Jammed.
    : I'd be in big trouble if you did (with a grin as i walk away)

    But most of the time i completely ignore them and keep walking, having earbuds in 99% of the time lets them think i didn't hear. (and not feel so bad for not doing their job)

    But if you care about them keeping their job, stop and show them, if they don't ask or check they get the sack.
  15. I head straight for em especially if they have a sour look on their face and ask them to search my handbag pointing to my Helmet and they usually just laugh at me and decline.
  16. i use the social misconception of motorcyclists to my advantage in these situations.
    if i think that someone is about to approach me for a bag search request i give them the 'im a bad biker bastard and if you come near me i will kick you in the nuts' look.
    seriously though,i dont think i look badarse but i have never been asked to have my bag searched whilst wearing my gear :?
  17. So where you actually doing anything in there? Or just wandering around in there? Do you not think that could have had something to do with it?
  18. I got followed around in coles one day by the security guard. I ended up telling him if he didn't stop following me i was going to dump my groceries in the aisle and walk out.

    But I did catch a piece of s*it trying to steal something yesterday at work..
  19. I actually ask them to pack my shopping into my back pack whilst still wearing it! Gets a laugh from others in the queque! They can then check it whilst packing it, no fuss no drama's all is happy!

    I don't see why you wouldn't let them check it if you have nothing to hide!

    Rather than them ask I always offer by spinning around & turning my back pack towards them!