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Another Canberra rider? Like we need more!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Guran, Mar 16, 2007.

  1. Hello! I'm a newb here but have been posting over at TW for about a year, so some will recognise the user name (it's the same).

    I ride a scooter (2001 Italjet Torpedo 150 4T), commute 40km every day on it in Canberra. I got it because it was a cheap transit option when petrol was heading toward $1.50, but I soon realised that, while 4 wheels move the body, 2 wheels move the soul. I'm happy on the scoot as I can still match freeway speed with the traffic, lean into the twisties and evade traffic jams. While I'm building riding skills I'm not distracted by gears and such. In a year or two when the auto restriction comes off my licence I'll consider getting a moderate naked - maybe a GS500 or similar, but for the moment I'm a happy guy.

    I wear proper gear - none of this idiotic "its a scooter, it's safer" crap. Full face, good gloves, armoured textile jacket, draggins, boots. I like my skin where it is. If that makes me look odd, I don't give a shit.

    Yes, I work for the government (insert public servant jibe here). Let's just say I have a good news job and the hours are family friendly, so why wouldn't I be happy to admit it?!

    Hope there's some interesting topics over here - TW seems a bit off balance lately.

    - Guran
  2. Hello! Glad you gear up, and glad you have your sights set higher up in the two wheeled world.
    Scooters are cool, but a proper motorbike is so much more versatile.

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. Welcome, Guran :). Netrider's a neat place to be. We pay out on Harleys, Ducatis, Public Servants, traffic cops, squids, and all sorts of people, but ESPECIALLY on scooter riders :LOL:

    j/k, of course, have a great time on Netrider; ask, tell, and participate...
  4. Not that he has any bias of course :LOL:

    Welcome Guran
  5. Hi Guran

    They didn't warn me that public servants were not safe. Nice scooters the Italjets - they tend to stand out on the road and fang too from what I hear.
  6. I don't buy into the two-wheeled food chain thing. If I got a bike I wouldn't think of it as moving up so much as moving on. Horses for courses, though. Opinions are valid until proven unfounded. :wink:

    - Guran
  7. from one public servant to the other, welcome guran.....
  8. No one mentioned a food chain, I said more versatile. WHen you can carry a heap of gear, travel several hours at freeway speeds and have a 300+km range out of a scooter at highway speeds, get back to me!
    I am the first to admit that a decent sized scooter makes sense aroud town, but if I had to have only one two wheeled vehicle, a scooter wouldn't be it, due to a lack of versatility.

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. Once you get that proper bike you can join us at the coffee meets.

    You think I'm kidding?
  10. Clearly this is the wrong thread for this debate - I'm sure it's covered elsewhere. But, with respect ... :grin:

    ... I interpreted your "moving up" "proper bike" references as an opinion that bikes are superior to scooters, ergo the two-wheeled food chain. Like I said, it's a matter of opinion, I just don't accept that one mode of two-wheeled transport is necessarily superior to another. There's variation in superiority in all classes, such that some scooters could be said to superior to some bikes. The generalisation is not valid.

    I've got loads of underseat storage and can add a top-box if I want (but I don't). Given, I wouldn't want to travel a couple of hours on the scooter and a 7 litre tank isn't going to give me the range to do it, so I'll give you the versatility comment. (I do, however, get 200km, a full week's commuting, out of a tank, working out at roughly $10 a week on transport to work. I call that good!) I just don't need a multi-purpose ride right now - the scooter does everything I want it to. And right there, we agree that "a decent sized scoot makes sense around town".

    Now, let's go find the bar. :beer:

    - Guran
  11. Excellent, thanks kezza. Just don't let on that we actually run the country ... :shock:



    - Guran
  12. sshhhhhhhhhhhhh (nah its fine........it's only between u, me and about 6800 of our closest friends :LOL: )
  13. welcome :grin:

    catch 22 eh?
    i still have nightmares about that book, the longest winded book in history :LOL:
  14. You think Catch 22 was bad? What about Slaughterhouse 5?! o_O

  15. kier no one would ever accuse you of kidding :LOL:
  16. Welcome over Guran,

    I understand your comment about TW being a bit off the rails at the moment, but it seems to be slowly getting back on track (groan-another analogy)