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Another cafe project

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by TheCatsMeow, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. hey guys, i own a 89 honda spada which i kinda want to cafe up because i think it would look sexy with the castec frame. just wondering your thoughts and where to start etc

  2. I have a vtr250 which is just a later version of the spada and I put drop bar mirrors which I bought from www.bikegearwarehouse.com.au They are crg alloy mirrors that were $100 each. Other than that try a seat cowl cover like on the triumph thruxton, some lowered bars, chrome light and you're on your way. That's just one suggestion, hope it helps.
  3. thats really all i wanted to do. nothing too drastic and i couldnt find a seat cowl for the spada but i will check this site cheers !!
  4. No probs. also check out Motociclio for old school cafe gear.
  5. Also if you want to see how they look on the bike, there are some pics of my bike in the classifieds. They are attached to the bar ends but you can get them that go into the end of you bars too if you need those types. They fold in too which is great if there is a tight squeeze in the garage.
  6. Check out BCR or Dime City Cycles (my favourite shop site) for a cafe seat with cowl, or a brat style seat.

    Has the Spada got alloy or spoked wheels?

    And what's the exhaust like - any scope for a slip on shorty reverse cone muffler from Lossa Engineering?
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  7. hey thanks the wheels are alloy and as for the exhaust im unsure lol iv got to inspect it more definitely like dime citys stuff
  8. i do want to get a brat seat happening thats really the main thing i want to do with it that and put some clubmans on it with bar end mirrors
  9. Dead easy to make a brat seat, I made mine and got it covered in Melbourne.
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  10. I've got a spada too. In the middle of a tidy up at the moment. Paint job, headlight, indicators, etc. I'll post some pics when I get it back together. I'm pretty keen to see some pictures of your ride and see your take on the old girl.
  11. ahhhh,

    you might want to try my bike before you put clubmans on the spada....

    besides it already uses clip ons, so it would involve a custom top made up for the tripple tree. better off just using an aftermarket clip-on set, will be approximatly the same height, maybe a bit lower.
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  12. haha yeah prob be a good idea to but im weird about riding other peoples bikes wouldn't forgive my self if i dropped it as for the clippons thats a better idea i thought you could just mix and match...shows how much i know
  13. yeah iv been looking up steps on how to do it just need to find time to actually get the stuff... how did you do yours ?
  14. mate i when i start ill put up the progress :D
  15. short answer no...
    long answer yes with a but.
    its more work to mix and match.... alot more. and even then its an IF as to something does match.

    heres a pic to illisrate the difference in mounting
    notice how your tripple tree doesnt have the clamps for bars, aswell as how the fork sticks out above it, this is why clip-ons is the easiest/best option
    on the spada the clip ons will be the same height as if it had clubmans, but will stick closer to the tank.

    now if you were to put bars on it, then you would nees to find a front end off a bike with the same headstem, or have an adaper engineered.
    there were a few companies that made just the top of the tripple tree, with a clamp (for people who want to raise the height of the bars on popular sportsbike lik cbr's. r1's etc.. so its more comfortable for longer trips and commuting) but i doubt highly doubt they have any off the shelf items for a spada
    the bodgey way is to drill a whole in the existing top of the tripple tree and use some aftermarket dirtbike clamps...

    But not anyway you fit bars will most likely involve raising the top tripple tree to be flush with the fork's... this will affect the handling and height of the bike.

    i kinda do this (parts) for a living,
    only mostly with harleys....
  16. ah sweet then, you going to practice this sat ?
  17. nah,
    i have to work. not sure when ill have time off, ill have to check friday.
    but at the moment any time of is taken up by my brothers wedding or riding off-roads witht a local group

    will be on the black dog ride though
  18. Aluminium plate base, aluminium angle sides, bit of jigsawing, bit of riveting, bit of bending, bit of bog, bit of paint and then off to Peter Nik at Australian Cumfy Seats for upholstering.

  19. Very nice !
  20. Let me know when you want one...