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Another broken O-ring on a (newish) CB400

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by sky9, Aug 26, 2012.

  1. What's with the o-rings on the CB400?

    Was just about to go out for a short ride and did the usual checks before heading off. And noticed a broken o-ring seal on one of the chain link :(

    I have read another thread previously that this happened to another CB400 with 4,000kms, but mine has only done 2,300kms and still under warranty.

    With a broken seal like this, would it still be possible to still ride it for a short distance (5-10kms)? I need to get it back to the Honda dealer some how ](*,)

  2. Depends on how anal you are, would that stop me riding ? No !
    Its basically a dust/dirt seal, and wouldn't stop me going out for a play up at Reefton etc for a day.

    Me personally I'd be more pedantic and take some chain lube with me and give it a squirt every 200k or so and not replace the chain ( or that link ) till I had the time and motivation.

    How are you cleaning the chain ? [ Only asking so we can try to find a reason for the O-ring fail :) ]

    Also as for warranty, the chain might be considered a wear item and not covered at all,
    @ 2300 it could be considered at half life anyway ??
  3. Not sure that 2300km should be considered half life on a chain... Our CB400 has done 20,000km now with the original chain, and it's still in perfect working order.
  4. its because it is a CHEAP rubbish chain , buy a good chain and it will last at least 5 times longer than a cheap one ,i think oring chains are a rip off any way ,if you take care of the chain it will last as long as the sprockets it runs on, if not longer
  5. [QOUTE]
    How are you cleaning the chain ? [ Only asking so we can try to find a reason for the O-ring fail :) [/QUOTE]

    Cleaned with chain cleaners and a rag. The manual mentioned not to use a brush, so been going over it with just the rag after spraying with the chain cleaner.

    The CB is a 2010 model, but was only ridden this year.
    Could the seal just dried out from the years it was sitting there and cracked?
  6. So you reckon its still rideable? Or at least to get it to the mech? (10ks).
    Like, it would snap while riding would it?
  7. yes you can still ride your bike with the chain like that
  8. Unlikely it would have dried out in just two years of sitting. More likely it's come into contact with some sort of solvent in the past which has caused the rubber to swell slightly and weaken.

    Does the broken o-ring feel dry and brittle, or is it still quite pliable?
  9. Doesn't seem to feel dry or brittle. But I just recently lube it at 2,000ks.
  10. I'd suggest seeing if you can get it replaced under warranty. That's certainly not normal wear which means either a faulty part or someone f*&ked up in the pre-delivery and used something on the chain they shouldn't have.
  11. Will have to see what they say when I drop off the bike.
    Would be great if its covered under the warranty, but reading another thread the chain is a wear and tear item :(

    How much is a new good chain if I need to pay for it? Is it better to go the stock chain or an aftermarket?
    Any recommendations for an aftermarket chain brands?
  12. Chains are subject to wear and tear, but on a CB400 the lifespan should be 20,000+kms, not 2,000, so something is clearly wrong somewhere.

    That said an aftermarket chain should only be around $150-200, though I've no idea how much more you'd have to pay for labour (I've never paid someone to replace a chain before).
  13. Is changing the chain a big job? Like 1-2 hrs?
  14. Time will depend on the sort of chain being fitted. An endless chain (which requires removing the rear swingarm) will take much longer to fit than one with a clip or rivet link (which simply requires cutting the old chain and feeding the new one around the sprockets).
  15. The OEM chain is specified as a rivet link, but you could use a clip link. Last time I replaced the CB400 chain cost was $128 + labour. I also replaced the sprockets and had a full service. Total labour charge was 3 hours, not sure how much was just the chain and sprockets but I would guess about 1 to 1.5 hours.

    This was not at OEM chain which would be considerably more expensive.
  16. Thanks for the info guys.
    Just hope it can be covered on the warranty.
    Or at least the labour if I need to fork out for another chain.
    Guess its not worth changing the sprocket?
  17. The suggestion that Honda uses cheap chain is bollocks (try as you might, you won't convince anyone that old Triumphs are the pinnacle of motorcycles; been there and done that, usually often as parts failed). My CB1300 is still on its original RK chain and is about to clock up 55,000km. I share the view that it's been treated with something it shouldn't have been (WD40 maybe). I doubt you'll get it replaced free under warranty as it, like batteries,, brakes and tyres, are consumables. But you should get a really good deal on a replacement.
  18. I wasn't referring to Honda using cheap chains, I forgot the bike in question was only a 400, and was using my experience with my VTR, 8k is the max I ever got out of a chain, and that was only because I was on the 'Golden' point for 12months and was semi behaving myself :angel:
    [ The big V twin is very hard on chains and sprockets ]

    Like you I'm more inclined to think that at some stage the wrong cleaning fluid has been used or left on too long / not rinsed off and the chain not re-lubed the same day.

    Not having a go at the OP, could of been a previous owner since the O-ring fail is a time factor, not an instant one.
  19. bumblebeeman are you refering to me with that comment??if a chain lasts 2000 kms its a rubbish cheap chain ,you get what you pay for
  20. Ah man, you just didn't clean your chain enough haha :p But seriously, ill be watching out on mine a bit closer now.