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Featured Another Brissy Vlogger

Discussion in 'Video Logging' at netrider.net.au started by Realist Rider, Feb 25, 2015.

  1. Hey,

    Long time creeper, thought I would share my new vlog.

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  2. Been a while since I lived in BrisVegas, things have changed a lot...Just found out I am heading back there, so will be watching your vlog!
  3. I'm from Brisbane so thoroughly enjoyed watching that . Thanks.
  4. Thanks mate, I want to do a series on Brisbane down the track. Thanks for watching. :)

    Thanks for watching!
  5. Not a bad job mate, keep em coming!
  6. Have you had any trouble with those indicators?? The ADR says something about the minimum distance between the left and right indicator. They also look pretty quick, I don't recall the exact flash rate they stipulate, it might be fine.
  7. Yep they are illegal: ADR19/02

    For rear indicators, the clearance between the inner edges of the two
    illuminating surfaces shall be at least 180 mm on the condition that the
    prescriptions of paragraph 2.11. are applied even when the registration
    plate is mounted;

    Flash rate I didn't measure from the vid but the standard gives a fair leeway


    the light flashing frequency shall be 90 +/- 30 times per minute;
  8. That's the one. +30 would make it 120 per minute, which is twice a second!??! Would you distinguish that as a flash?
  9. Yes its still only a flash every half second so if you count a second there is enough time to distinguish 2 flashes.