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Another Brissy Rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Amarpal, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. Hi guys and girls,

    I'm Amarpal, 23 and in Brisbane (UQ student). Currently riding a 2008 ZX6R. Signed up to NR ages back but never ended up posting, thought it was about time I changed that (mostly post on BRC and a bit on AS8).

    Hope to see some of you out on rides!
  2. Welcome to NetRider!
  3. Pardon my ignorance, but what are BRC and ASB?
    Welcome to (posting on) Netrider!
    How's parking for motorbikes at uni these days?
  4. BRC = brissyridersclub.org
    ASB = aussiestreetbikes.com

    Uni parking's getting a bit hit and miss, hard to find a space at the inner parking area after 9:00am and if you do some prick on a scooter will squeeze in between 2 bays leaving you no room to get out.
  5. Hey man, welcome.

    Come to the dark side (QUT!)... whatcha studying?

    I thought UQ had heaps of general parking (even if not motorbike-specific).
  6. Thanks man, studying engineering.

    Wish I went to QUT, would have graduated by now. Just spent the entire arvo doing a <2% assignment, not done yet, 12 pages of calculations and counting. Although I'd like a job at the end of it all...j/ks

    Plenty of parking...just a butt load of students. I refuse to take the car, can't find a space after 8:30-9:00am. There's always bike parking free, just not always the most convenient location. (Not permitted to park in car parking bays ](*,))
  7. Parking at QUT was great until probably 2 years ago, when they started the construction of the new science precinct and blocked off the parking behind the guildy :(
  8. Why is the QUT course shorter? And lol, unlucky at such a light-weighted assignment demanding so much time!
    I have this nice drive/ride-train-bus-HUGE STAIRS or walk-bus-bus-HUGE STAIRS thing going on for me to get to uni. Parking -on- campus gives me the willies for some reason. Sometimes wish I went to UQ just so I could park up the road at work or on the unrestricted parking side street (next to work)... that sort of convenience could actually have me attending classes! :eek:

    Also, you should give me your ZX6R. :)
    I don't ride to uni (yet), but, KG for me anyway! Don't judge... not a creative industries kid. :p Was never familiar with parking at GP.
  9. Do you know about the parking underneath the building on Research Rd opposite Cumbrae Stewart building?
    That's where I parked when I worked at Uni and there was always space. Mind you, I bet the number of motorcycles has risen faster than the number of spaces recently.

    Looks like you're collecting a few motorcycles, Tildette. Don't like your Yamaha? They're pretty!
  10. Haha I love my darling little bike. Real soft spot for Kwakas though!
    A bike like yours was an option when I was shopping (yours, and the totally different 250RR, Ninja, and mine), hopefully catch you at one of the rides one day and line 'em up next to each other for comparison... parked and on the road trailing behind the pack. ;P

    As an aside, I'm loving this mass of south/west Brizzie riders coming in!
  11. Looks like I'm far from the onlu new brissie rider :)

    I work at gardens point, moving to KG next month. I'm planning on riding in but I'm not looking forward to the peak-hour madness. Is there much bike parking?
  12. I wandered around part of the campus the other day scoping out bike parking, and yeah, there seemed to be a fair bit (with unoccupied spaces). It was up top around ring road kinda area. Just be wary of the bikes/scoots that park you in!
  13. What do you do at QUT DaveAust?

    KG parking is alright, there's spots behind the library, across the road from the bus stop, and on the oval.

    GP has heaps of free bike parking down near Subway, beside the riverside express way.
    All the free stuff is in the open. If you pay $270, you can get yourself unlimited, 24-hour parking undercover at both campuses. Works for me!

    EDIT: $270 gets you until 31 dec
  14. Welcome to NR, Amarpal. I was on the ride with you when your bike spat a brake pad... good times. :D
  15. Same length...just would have been less likely to fail anything and not had a extra part-time semester. Engineering tends to be that way though, 70%+ finals are the norm...as for giving your the zx6r, I don't think I'll be doing that lol


    I've never parked there, always seems to be full when I walk past - there's always parking available somewhere...just not necessarily right where you want. That and occasionally some hipster douchebag does this with his scooter:

    Thanks!, I remember you, Jem right?
    Good times indeed - eventful ride that one. Losing the pad was bloody frightening, so glad it didn't happen in the twisties :|
    Haven't done a south ride since, really need to hit up Beechmont again.
  16. Yeah, and why didn't you ask for my bike? :p /feelsleftout

    Hmmm... I'm going to guess nursing then.
  17. Hahaha, aw, schnookums. Take me for a spin on your big, sweet, hot ride? Alternatively, hand it over! :)
    Kinda nursing. Double degree; paramedics with nursing as a "backup".
  18. It's the same length, just wouldn't have failed anything and had this extra part-time semester. And no...I think I should keep my zx6r :)

    Haven't parked there before, always seems to be full when I walk past. There's plenty of bike parking all over the place at UQ, just not always as convenient as I've gotten used to...that and the damn scooter riders like to squeeze in between parking bays.

    Yes, I remember you, Jem right?
    That was one eventful ride hey. Didn't feel like good times from where I was sitting lol. Really need to head south again, haven't since that ride :(
  19. Ha, paramedics! Ever hung out with the para's at the guildy on karaoke night? I might actually know you :p

    Also, manliness and self worth reasserted, thanks! 8-[
  20. Damn its a small world, my gf is doing paramedics @ QUT, she's third year now.

    cb, I do web services & applications development. For lay people, I essentially write software :)

    arampal: Hoping you werent the bloke on the zx6r i saw who'd low sided on johnson rd in the rain today? Damn weather almost ruined my day too