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another brisbane noob

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by geoffw, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone,
    This is an exciting moment as I have just returned to biking in the last 12 months (used a VT400 as my LAMS ride) after a 33 year break. My previous ride was a Honda CB 350 (1972 I think) and still have very fond memories of it. The focus this time around is even more on safe and enjoyable riding. Almost completed my 12 months on an RE licence and in 6 more sleeps will meet the final R licence requirement, namely a HART course. I have a new red Honda VT1300CR waiting for me, and can barely get through the days as the anticipation builds. Last time I recall this feeling I must have been about 8 years old. Is there anyone out there with good tips for an old bloke like me?

  2. take it slow and steady, and dont over cook the corners. Ride at your own pace in other words.
  3. Thanks benjamin78au, that is the key thought as it will take a while to get used to this bike. It is quite long and heavy and feels a lot different to the vt400.
  4. Hey mate welcome to NR and enjoy the good times.