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Another BMW R1200R question

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by jed1, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. I have been doing quite a bit of research into this bike and on some of the international forums, Ive heard that there may be some reliability problems with the drive shaft on the R1200R bike (and other drive shaft BMW's).

    Does anyone know of any drive shaft failures of late model BMW's?

    Also, is 18000kms considered only a small amount of km's for a second hand R1200R?


  2. shaft issue was on the very very early 1200 boxer models and they problem was fixed, it affected the gs models not the R models.
    18000 kms is not even run in.
    Mine is up to 87000kms and just starting to be run in ;)
  3. I thought that may have been the case. I suppose Im just being cautious, this is the most amount that Ive ever spent on a bike and I want to make sure my decision is a good one. I must say though, 95 times out of 100, I hear nothing but praise about the quality and longevity of BMW bikes.

  4. A mate has a K1200s and the only thing that he does not link is the clinky gear box suposatly fixed in the latest model,there very cutting edge and maybe some more development would have been nice before they hit the market,lots of updated FI fixes over the years,the factory trys hard to improve them over time.
  5. Yeah, the other 5% are often guys that have never owned one.
  6. What Smee said.

    Also bear in mind that, without absolute proof that FD oil has been changed by the book, any claims of unreliability are suspect.

    My R11 gearbox and drive train were a bit...er....unrefined, but they were 100% reliable to 65,000 kms (at which point the bike got written off in a rear-ender).

    Wear stout boots :LOL: .
  7. Hello jed1
    I ride a R1200R and I’m very happy with it. The bike your looking at has only 18000 km on the clock, it will be just be loosing up. When the bike goes in for its 20000 km service they will check for any recalls and they now do a rear wheel drive oil change so all should be cool.
  8. just did a round trip of 1200 kms this weekend from my place to mildura via castemaine then back along the boring Calder in some rainy patches along the way.
    Bike never missed a beat!
    Highly recommend it any beemer for touring.
  9. Forgot about Wintersun :(

    I was thinking of going this year
  10. Company was good but in all honesty I don't know if I'd do another, it seemed like there was not much atmosphere.
    I did enjoy the ride though.
  11. I dunno about that. Johno caused a bit of atmosphere on Sat morning.

  12. Yes especially when the old bugger spat the dummy then dropped the bike in the mud, lucky only thing dented was his pride.
    His pink sleeping mat came in handy though :)