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another bloody oil question!

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by jeffatav, Apr 6, 2007.

  1. I just changed the oil in my Yamaha TTR 250 and used up the last drop!

    My question is (and it maybe bordering on anal and yes, I did do a search) does anyone mix ther brands of oil if you don't have enough or do you throw away the amount that is left over and start again at the next change (if you change brands/type)

    Also, I have put some expensive Motul 7100 (20w50) in the blue srceaming girl and she does use some oil, and I have a bottle of cheap Mobil super 4T (20w50) in the garage.
    Would you top up with a different brand/type/etc????

  2. Well usually the handbook states do not mix oils. As long as its the same viscosity rating and both are either synthetic or mineral not one and the other, I dont think it matters. If your anal keep the same brand but you mix petrol and thats not damaging. At the end of the day mixed oil is better than too little oil.

    Anyone can correct me if I am wrong :-k
  3. i read somewhere that it is ok (but personally i would not recommend)
  4. Generaly mixing oils of the same type is fine (mineral with mineral, synthetic with synthetic)