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another bloody act girl rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by kellbiker, Oct 14, 2007.

  1. Hi all,....

    I guess i will be known to some of you ACT guys and girls already ... HI!!! and to those who are yet to cross my path - sorry....

    been riding 2 and a half years... work as a postie. currently have a kawasaki ltd 250 (in the middle of replacing her head after some nasty cam issues)... saving to trade up, possibly to a VRF400 (they make my knees tremble)...

    been out of touch with motorcyclists for the last year or so but keen to rekindle my passion..

    catch you all on the roads some day....


  2. Hello! Make sure you pop along to coffee night Monday 6pm on at Tilleys in Lyneham!

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. every monday or fortnightly???
  4. Welcome aboard. :grin:
  5. /wave Kell :)
  6. Every Monday. And welcome, Kell.
  7. welcome aboard
  8. Hi, Kell!!!

  9. Heya Kell - look forward to catching up with ya soon mate!

  10. thanks all - (hey mel, hey ang)... will try to make tilly's very soon

    ciao, kell
  11. Welcome, Kell!!!
  12. Welcome to NR Kell
  13. :p
    thanks matrix and lowercase...

    just two more head bolts and bike will be mobile once more...

    excitement plus

    ciao, kell
  14. I know hoe excited you must feel

    I just got my new bike last weekend after spending 4 months lying down recovering from a broken back.

    I has a smile from ear to ear on the weekend being back on the bike again

    Enjoy your ride
  15. the x-citement is unbearable.. my baby spat her cam and lifters late last year... then a few financial hurdles were overcome followed by some personality issues with the co-inhabitant (now departed).. unfortunately when i went to put baby back together complete with new head, cam and lifters discovered ex had departed and with two tokens of our past - half my bloody head bolts ... god knows why.. so am off to shop in the am and should return in the pm with the rest of the babies soul...

    ciao, kell
  16. He nicked the head bolts? That's such a dickish thing to do.

    (Notes that as potential source of revenge for later)
  17. Howdy Kell, hopefully might see you at the monday night coffee thing (if I ever make it there myself :p heh ). Hope your bike's up & running beautifully pronto.
  18. Hi Kell!! Hope to see you at the coffee soon! Tilleys every monday at 6pm. I'm the one who always leaves early!