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VIC Another Blitz

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by twistngo, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. http://www.vicpolicenews.com.au/more-news/7489-three-month-blitz-operation-eastern.html

    Police are today launching a three-month road blitz across the Eastern Region following a 33 per cent rise in road deaths from last year.

    Operation Eastern will see a tough police focus on speed, dangerous driving, mobile phone use, fatigue, unsafe overtaking and drugs and alcohol.

    As part of the operation, which will run throughout August, September and October every Highway Patrol Unit across the Eastern Region will take part, along with general duties police.

    They will be joined by Victoria Police’s state-wide resources including Operations Response Unit, Automated Number Plate Recognition Unit and the Road Policing Drug and Alcohol Section.

    The State Highway Patrol will be heavily supporting the operation with a number of high visibility, intensive Operation Super Ardent blitzes at six high-risk locations.

    These include the Monash, Yarra Ranges, Benalla, Wangaratta, Bass Coast and East Gippsland police service areas.

    Guess the Spur and Reefton will be hit again. Any good riding out west?
  2. Yay, my license will finally come in handy. Haven't had to use it for any purposes other than ID since I bought my DR!
  3. Oh FFS.

    and here is their excusing for ensuring MC's cop a fair chunk of the scrutiny (as if a reason was needed).
  4. 3 months?!?!? Crap.
  5. BTW, how do they police fatigue? "You look tired. Here's a fine for driving while fatigued"?? Not sure how this works as a policing mater.
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  6. Fatigue? Yeah, I _AM_ tired of their bullshit.
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  7. You can be sure after the three months has gone by and THEY haven't made any difference that they'll say it's US who aren't getting the message.
  8. without a doubt...
  9. $244 and 3 points later, I can tell they are serious.
    First ticket for 19 yrs 5 months and 3 days, but who's counting!.
  10. what you get done for? speeding?
  11. so we now know to hoon out west..........
  12. Well that sucks arse.
    I'm heading down your way next week.
  13. You are indeed buddy ! Looking fwd to it !
    Any touring rides will be done at Nanny-Speeds, seeing as you are visiting the Nanny State, after all... ](*,)

    Should be fun mate (y)
  14. On a possitive note, I won't have to feel bad about holding you up 'cause I'm a shit rider. :LOL:
  15. Mate, there's no such thing as a shit rider...unless we're talking about me (y)
  16. Wheres that 35 year old CB125 I was looking at before..
  17. I'm surprised motorcyclists aren't specifically targetted in this campaign.

    I believe the statistic quoted is a beat up of the chart used in the draft NRSS - I don't think it relates to country roads. The sentence it's used in also reinforces a huge fallacy, that if you're at the speed limit or below, you're intrinsically safe. This isn't true.

    What's interesting is that presumably nothing has changed about the policing from last year to this year... so that means the "system" is just having a natural variation... which the for some reason Police are taking on board as a failure of policing. This is stupid.

    The overall Vic road toll is 5 (3%) higher than this time last year... last year was an (artificially?) low year so you can expect an upward swing. This is conveniently forgotten. The media release says the east is 30%+ higher though... that means the West must be somewhat less than last year... I'm surprised the police aren't coming out claiming credit for that.

    Peter, where were you done? Was it lidar or in car radar from a kilometre away or...?
  18. FFS, just what we need. I was out east last Sunday and didn't see a cop all day. I guess that'll change soon though...
  19. It is becoming increasingly frustrating, to say the least !
    However, it doesn't appear to be targeting motorcyclists alone, well, the way I read it. I might be wrong here.
    Best we can do is carry on like we have already and try not to 'highlight' ourselves. If we look at it another way, VicPol is always on a 'blitz'...so, what's different this time around ?

    'FFS' indeed, wentworthmeister (y)
  20. Victoria Police is still hard at it trying to justify their existence. Things must be very quiet on the real crime front.

    A review into reducing their numbers is way over due. The Victorian community can’t be expected to continue throwing good money after bad.

    Firstly the community pays for this luxury with taxes. Then it pays for them again through fines. When the fines slow down they tighten up the laws squeezing even more.

    Have a look at Kinglake for example. The population is very small and hardly anyone goes there anymore yet there is a fairly modern cop shop up there.

    Why should the community continue to pay for these types of unnecessary expenses?