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Another Blitz

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by awseome, May 25, 2010.

  1. Heard on MMM news yesterday, police starting a new blitz concentrating on Motorcyclists. i have looked at MRA and Vic Pol sites, there seems to be no mention of it. this is in light of the few unfortunate incidents over the past few weeks regarding riders. so just a heeads up to all, and if any one knows more please contribute.

    Ride safe.

  2. They should have a blitz on scooter riders sitting at junctions minding their own business while waiting to turn. That should knock a few of the road toll for 2010.
  3. When and where is this "blitz" supposed to take place?
  4. dont know, the newsreader just mentioned police is planning a blitz on motorcyclist, very cryptic i must say. thats the reason for my thread. maybe some one knows more about it.
  5. Que? :-s
  6. If they get those pesky scooters off the road then one eyed courier drivers can get back to crashing into cars with airbags and the world will be a safer place.

    Damn scooters, they're a menace
  7. Nothing on the Vicpol or Vicroads media release sites. Who knows where they got this. Maybe they've just got around to reading the Anzac Day blitz release?
    Or maybe it wasn't intended for release?
  8. Well, sounds like someone has a bee in their bonnet?
  9. Rider was hit from behind and killed while waiting at an intersection. Magistrate didn't find the driver guilty.
  10. It was the rider's fault of course. That's why they're planning a secret blitz.
  11. Yes I do. Read this. Sorry to keep banging on about this one but it really has fired me up :mad:
  12. I'm sure they're planning to have another one sometime. May not be any time soon, but it'll come eventually :p.
  13. Hmm thats a nice tactic, to keep on mentioning it vaguely,, so we all do everything within the law..
  14. VicPol always have an ongoing blitz on bikes. It's been running for years and will continue for many to come.
  15. At LAST!, I say...
    I mean...I was sitting here wondering just the other day, why a blitz had'nt been called for...I mean, it's been 2-3 weeks since the last one.



    ...put those ego driven pricks scattered among the highway patrol into work where they can swing their little sticks against the baseball bat brigade, for a change..

    I'm sick of seeing these specific arseholes getting paid to drive around in a $60K, $70K (??) hot cars, doing stuff all else to make the world a better place outside of the odd dangerous driving stunt, just to catch an "evildoer" exceeding the speed limit.

    I admit...alot of really wreckless, life ruining, arseholes are out there driving cars like a mobile weapon, and they need to be met head on with unbreakable force - that's why we give the police big guns FFS!!!.

    But having a blitz on motorcycles (again) is so ,so, so, so LAME!!.

    (pant pant) rant over..
  16. Yeah its kind of stupid isn't it. I was done for doing 110 in a zone that used to be 100 but was reduced.. the cop admitted to having to do over 160 to get me.

    Me: "Theres no such thing as speeding, right?"
    Coptard: "yes thats right"
    Me: "Except when police do it right, then its completely safe?"
    Second coptard gets out of car and starts yelling that they could take my license if they wanted to.

    Yeah, highway cops are brilliant..](*,)
  17. never mind the fact that a small group of teens have been let out on bail while facing 50+ counts of ****(link).... Then there is the courier incident... Priorities!

    To hell with policing more pressing issues, it doesn't allow them to show of how good they think they are....That's right They can show they are doing something by bringing out easy stats, like we bretho'd 2000000000000 people and caught 1 Drink Driver, our policies are good and we are doing good police work because we only caught 1. never mind that the man hours spent are never taken into account. I should of became A cop, sure even more people would hate me, but I could just hide behind a computer and let people know a week after they exceeded the speed limit by post, then do anything considered "Real" and "Timely", not to mention "Educative" and "Effective". No wonder recruit numbers are dwindling, no wonder more of the public have no respect. A fair chunk of the police force have no respect in the job themselves.
  18. How many times has THAT conversation with the cops played out, I reckon...ie..I can do whatever the fark I want to catch you doing 10k's over the limit, in my 60-70k+ hoon car, because YOU are the DEVIL and I'm going to save everyone from your evil deeds even if I have to nearly kill six cars worth to get you!.
    I was doing 70 in an 80k zone in traffic with a "trainie" in front of me, saw the cop coming out past 6-7 cars at easily 140,engine valve bouncing off the limiter and lights flaring sirens blaring....then drops right in on the poor bugger in the car behind me (who I am sure had to take evasive action, and right up my arse (2-3ft) to pull me over....what for - dangerous overtaking - I overtook a car going 45 in an 80 zone at 70k with "trainee" in front of me (I was following the trainee) Cop says I was lucky as he was'nt going to get ME for "dangerous riding"...

    I did'nt know what to say to his in your face officiousness, so I simply said

    "You're a farking arkhole,mate"...which got him all hot and bothered...LOL
  19. Learners should note that this technique should only be tried by experienced operators.
  20. Victoria is the BIGGEST friggin nanny state...full stop.

    Billions of dollars of speed camera revenue and stupid graphic TAC commercials whilst the road toll stays the same...this state is a joke :censored:

    These farkers will never stop the way dudes ride so have as many blitz's as you like you pack of pigs (present company excluded) :wink: