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Another bizzarre motorcycle news story.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by rc36, Oct 18, 2009.

  1. this just in from news.com.au

    "Man incinerated while tending to his motorcycle

    A MAN was incinerated when his motorcycle caught fire while he was apparently tending to it at the side of the road, police say.

    Perth police said the 52-year-old man had pulled over to the side of Albany Highway at Kelmscott, in the city's south-east, about 2.30pm (WST) today.

    Witnesses said he appeared to be checking his bike when it caught fire and engulfed him in flames.

    A police spokesman said the man died at the scene."

    I am guessing that the poor rider was smoking while working on his bike (perhaps with the fuel tank open or the fuel tap disconnected???)

    Either way, a dreadful story and a reminder to those of us who DO smoke, to not do so while working on their bikes...

    RIP the rider and condolences to his family.
  2. Damn, beat me by like a minute and a half.
  3. :shock:
    Bloody Hell ..
    Poor Guy. Interested to find out the exact cause.
    RIP Pal
  4. Did it blow up or something??
  5. Helluva way to go. :shock:
  6. Guys a person died horribly there is no need for making churlish jokes, for all we know his relatives may read these forums. Don't force me to lock this thread.
  7. Absolutely!!! Would YOU like someone posting stuff like that if this had been your brother, or your best friend? Have some class, for goodness sake :(.
  8. Sorry to hear. I always hate hearing this sort of thing.
  9. If anyone from WA hears of the cause of the fire and/or the type of bike cn they post it up. If it's as simple as someone smoking with fuel around - then that's one thing. If it's a fault of some kind wiht the bike then that's another matter entirely.

    You're right smee, it's not the issue of making tasteless jokes. I have problems with those but where there's a possiblility of a friend or relative reading it here then it's inappropriate to do so.

    EDIT: I meant I have NO problems with those (tasteless jokes) usually
  10. yeah my gf told me about this yesterday ... pretty crazy ...

    would love to know what happened , what bike etc ... maybe he sprayed some fuel accidentally on him and a little spark or heat from the exhaust or something started the fire.

    terrible way to die... may he RIP
  11. Fuel injected bikes can and will go up in a hurry when a hose melts through or is cut. High pressure, fine mist, hot exhaust. My model is susceptible due to the routing of the fuel line, and more than a few have burnt to the ground.

  12. What do you have, an R6?
  13. Aprilia SXV.

    Actually, my other bike (a KTM) had a recall for catching on fire too.

    The R6's are more of a tank+crash issue.
  14. This is from perthstreetbikes posted of behalf on the wife of the gentleman who passed away.

    "....Thank you all for your well wishes and condolences. Andy was a very good rider who rode long and often. A member of ORMTC for over 14 years (some of them as President and tour leader)and the MRA. The Police think that he was tring to fix an electrical fault when the bike ignited. Andy didn't smoke. He was returning from a weekender down in Karri valley and was only 10 minutes from home. I spoke to some of the boys that were away with him on the weekend and they said he had a really good time and was loving the ride.
    Ride hard and stay upright. "
  15. Very sad news indeed.

    As to how it could happen, here's an example. I picked up my Daytona 675 from Peter Stevens Dandenong after a warranty job to replace the water temperature sensor that had gone on the blink. Got to the freeway onramp, accelerated, rear tyre starts to slide under power, then engine cuts out and rear tyre skids on the decel. Whip the clutch in and pull over. The fuel line had not been connected properly to the tank, and had popped off. The fuel pump on the 675 is located within the tank itself, so rather than being gravity fed, the fuel pump was pumping fuel out of the tank as fast as it can do so (no back-pressure) all over the hot engine, dripping down to the rear wheel, with the catalytic converter located just below the engine.

    Needless to say, when I saw what was happening, I shut off the ignition, got off the bike and stood well back for a few minutes before daring to go near the bike.

    All it would take is for the fuel to reach ignition point dripping over the cat converter, and it's an instant bomb.

    Lots of ways for bikes to go up in flames. Even more easy to do so if you let incompetent people near your bike.
  16. It was quite warm here over the weekend. Plenty of opportunity for petrol vapour to meet a source of ignition if there was a decent leak.

    Thing is, the stuff spreads like mad at ground level. Even 20-30 metres can't be considered a "safe" distance from an ignition source and the risks increase as distance decreases. There's a lot of heat when petrol vapour goes up, too, which is very bad news for anyone in the vicinity.

    However it happened, it's a sad, sad thing.
  17. I highly doubt it was smoking. I've tried this theory many times by pouring petrol over my garage floor then dropping my cigarette into it. Doesn't ignite. Even dropping it into a jar of petrol didn't ignite it.

    I think the person suggesting a spark plug + fuel idea had a better guess...
  18. As unfortunate it is that this happened, this thread should be treated like a rider down thread.

    Unless someone knows exactly what happened, or personally knew the person involved, stop speculating on type of bike and possible causes....

    It can cause distress to anyone that does know the person....
  19. Thats because you can't ignite pure fuel in a liquid form.
    Add oxygen and fuel vapour to your ciggy and watch the result.
    Eg the fumes from your puddle......
    Actually, don't. You may not survive.

  20. Normally I would agree with this 100%
    There are however unusual circumstances (ie the bike exploded in flames) while the poor bugger was working on it.
    The fact the bike could have been faulty is a cause for concern and in this case it could affect others, ie I learned that efi bikes can explode more readily if there is a loose fuel line as opposed to a carb model.
    Lets keep unnecessary speculation down to a minimum though.