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another biker giving us a bad name...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Lectre, Mar 30, 2007.

  1. Saw an interesting sight yesterday...
    Was driving along Beaudesert Road heading southbound at Marooka, and I see a "bikie" (like dirty vest, harley riding, typical bikie dude) doing a slow overtake move past a Landcruiser 4x4.
    As he was overtaking he sought of paused and waved to the kids in the backseat (like really enthusiastically), then as he drove past the driver's door he spits at the driver's window, rams the palm of his hand against the glass, and the flicks him the bird and goes flying off!!!

    I don't know what the dude in the 4x4 did to envoke the wrath of the bikie, but he certainly has discoloured jocks now. I myself had to shake my head in shame (I mean, it's something that these kids may very well remember forever).

    I know the Rebels had their clubhouse burned down a couple of nights ago up here in brisbane, but isn't that more reason to be subtle and underneath the radar?
  2. Haha, dirty bikies crack me up. I had one try and chase me on the CB, after I overtook him on the freeway. Lost him easy. All show, no ability.

    And I'm not even very good!
  3. maybe it was his kids in the back seat, on an outing with their new step-dad.

    i always try to find meaningful answers to why bikies are such arseholes :oops:
  4. haha a real possibility! :grin:
  5. Bang!

  6. Dude that is really funny, that cracked me up hehe! I could picture you burning off on the CB and the bikie shaking his fists!!

    How did you lose him though? Through traffic?

  7. cb250??? if so your kidding yourself, sorry but your not losing anyone on 1 of those, maybe the fact of the matter he wasnt actually trying to catch you but his bike is just quicker, those outlaw bikies harleys are anything but stock in most cases, if one can pass me like i am walking on my gs500 doing 185 what hope do you really think you have on a cb250???
  8. Did you just say you were going 185??:shock:

  9. The hell??
  10. At a mate's house once we both decided to head out to the gym taking different vehicles - to be courteous to him I chugged along behind on my bike rather than losing him in traffic (he was driving a jeep). This was good for the first 5mins of the ride until he ducked into a gap and continued to weave in and out of traffic leaving me stuck behind a fat truck. Pissed off I caught up to him and while passing gave him the biggest bird I could muster. 3-4 people in the line of cars gave me a honk... oops. hahahaha.
  11. I was riding with some bikies awhile back, their bikes were doing 160km/h easy, sounded like they were in mid rev range.
  12. Perhaps the 4x4 had just done something outrageously dangerous and stupid to the rider. People don't act like that for no reason... most
  13. I laughed so hard when i read this ......

    ....was riding along today and did a similar thing pulled up next to a car and bashed on the window (scared the crap outta the occupants) .......
    It just so happened to be my car with my wife and kids they left 10 mins b4 me to goto my Olds house.

    Musta looked a sight to others on the Nepean Hwy :LOL:
  14. theres more? yes a good laugh
  15. :?: Hes not giving me a bad name
  16. There's your answer right there. If you drive a 4WD, expect to get sh!t from other road users. And - in many cases - people driving 4WDs deserve it.
  17. The 4wd must have merged on him or something - As said people dont act like that for no reason.
    Im a sales rep and on teh orad day in day out and the number of cars that you see just pull out in front ob motorbikes like they werent event there its a wonder there arent more accidents!
  18. bad mannered bikers

    yeah there are some bad riders out there, but i dont think its restricted to harley riders,
    i've seen my fair share of jap bikers cutting sick at drivers, and yeah the drivers usually deserve it, i mean if a car and a bike are ina na accident then its often the case of damaged car and dead rider.
    i've been on a harley for about 2 years, and there are some harley riders who are arrogant pricks, but i reckon each rider type has its own share of idiots.