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Another bike stolen

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by bkdu, Sep 1, 2009.

  1. Hi all
    A mate's son had his bike stolen from the Herston Leukemia Foundation car park. It's a 2009 KTM 950 Super Enduro R Erzberg Edition.


    Rego is 095 ED.

    Was only a couple of days old ... ensured with cover note. Still annoying, as there are only 100 of these available. If you see it riding around, maybe say "hello" to the rider :twisted.gif

    Will post VIN etc numbers if I can get them today ... otherwise it'll be too late anyway.

    I honestly believe we need to adopt the "hand off" approach ... ie catch a thief, cut off his/her hand ... I doubt we'd make it past one year of having to do this.

    Anyway, hope everybody else's bikes are safe and sound.

    VIN: BBKVE44068M943604
    Engine #: 863042821

    Cheers & always stay upright
  2. F$%^ me. It's not like they can hide it in the horde of 950SEs getting around, can they? Nor are they exactly unobtrusive.
    That's bad news. At least you won't have trouble identifying it if found...

    Get the news out on the Oz section of KTMtalk (and ADVrider and Horizons Unlimited) - somebody might hear something.
  3. rare bike, few days later... stinks of an inside job/tip off.

    I'd love one tho :p
  4. Thanks titus ... will do that.

    Sooty ... his dad said the same thing. It is a bit strange to get stolen so soon after purchase ... anyway, hope their male identifiers rot and fall off :grin:
  5. That sux :evil:

    Screw the insurance, that's someone's pride and joy.
    Here's hoping it has a happy ending, whatever that may be :twisted:
  6. Yeah I agree that sux, must feel like a kick in the guts when instead you should be on a high with a new bike.

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  8. With any luck, the thief already has cancer.
  9. oh ho! ... doctor tells guy he has 1 week to live, guy walks outside and sees new KTM 950 Super Enduro R Erzberg Edition... ???... profit... die.
  10. Cancer of the anus is too good for these scum :evil: , hope it's found and in good condition, though it's always harder with a offroad capable bike that could be ridden unregistered offroad
  11. I'm all for branding or tattooing people who steal, Facial would be best..
    you would think twice about doing something wrong if you say these on someone elses forehead.

  12. True. Lady Karma can be vindictive at times.
  13. Or even more appropriately... there's a good chance that the bike itself will have turned around and killed him by now. A 950SE is not exactly a learner ride :)
  14. damn thieves!!! Why do they always have to ruin someone else's day?
  15. Ill watch this post, let us know of updates?
  16. No updates Niven ... doubt anyone expects the bike to be found again.

    Posted this just in case someone sees the scum riding it ... 'cause most of those low lives aren't all that intellectually equipped :)