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another bike stolen but with a twist

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Hoo Roo Rod, Jun 3, 2008.

  1. Got to work last night only to see a very distressed work mate, he was riding his Harley down from Newcastle, while only a short way from home a large white van pulled along side of him at a set of traffic lights, out of the side sliding door came 3 blokes, 2 wrestled him of his bike & the 3rd a$$hole jumped on & sped off. The other 2 flogged him a tad then jumped back in and sped off after the bike.
    So beware people there are mongrels everywhere.
    Not sure where in Newcastle this was but he was heading south & towards the F3.
    Apparently new bikes, Harleys in particular are hard to steal / run if you don't have the keys. Is this true ?

  2. Grand Theft Harley...

    Man that's all kinds of fcuked up.
  3. thats intense mate...hope he gets it back

    or the thieves get some kind of genital warts...permanently
  4. Bloody hell. This is the sort of thing I'd expect in the US, not over here. What the hell has happened to Australia :shock:
  5. I thought the Harley gangs were making enough money on drug and gun distribution that they didn't NEED to steal :shock:.
  6. I know, how crap, time was when the HD rider would have been the one doing the beating!

    :evil: Bike jackings are not the way we need to go.
  7. Hah, the joke is on the thieves!

    How p*ssed off must they have been when the bike that they went to all that trouble to steal (in the dark) turned out to be a Harley?

    Perhaps they're just playing the averages - sooner or later they'll get a Honda :wink:

    Pedant note: I am joking. I don't condone bike theft and wouldn't wish it on anyone. OK?
  8. Why couldn't he just outrun the v- oh wait... "Harley".
  9. Shit.

    I can't speak for Harleys, but my Yamaha needs a new Ignition barrel if you don't have the master key to make a copy. It costs around $1000 as a factory part.
  10. how old was the harley? mate of mine just bought one.. it doesnt have a key, it has a keyfob that has to be in range of the bike otherwise it wont start.. if its the same, they'll get the bike to their destination, turn it off, and not be able to start it again, if i were him id be letting my local harley dealer know, as they have to get the fobs directly from HD, unless they are going to part the bike out of course, then, im sorry, but is it gone.

    if this sort of robbery becomes prevlent, riders will have to start arming themselves for protection. that ends badly for everyone.
  11. if I had a significant other..., bike that is, that I valued enough to worry about it being nicked I reckon I'd invest in one of these GPS trackers

  12. Without the "Red Key" they need to replace the bike computer and that is around $3500 :shock:
  13. Is it OEM? I have seen these units offered as an after market install at the expo.
    I know they were in discussion with Harley to have them fitted as an OEM part.
  14. That sounds odd?

    I've been told my ignition unit costs $1000 from Japan - less for a 2nd hand barrel, obviously. Hmm. Food for thought!
  15. Hopefully he had it insured.

    Does this sort of thing happen with sports bikes as well...R1's etc??

    I've heard of WRX's being jacked like this too.

    What's this world coming too....F@#$ing crazy!!!!
  16. Eventually they will jack one of the bikie gangs and promptly get shot in the face :p
  17. I've heard of that happening before - it was a repossession. The bike was kept where the repo blokes couldn't get to it so they jumped the rider and took it.
  18. Not good to hear hope your mate is fine...

    They should introduce some sort of brant key pad security like in the wrx's onto bikes hehe. I used to have a wrx with the brant in it, and it was because of this key pad that reduced wrx jackings because it make the wrx almost anti car jack proof.
  19. That's all kinds of messed up. Hope that they get what's coming to them, pricks. Where did this occur? When, what time?
  20. Spoke with him again overnight, the van was a large Merc, big enough to enable the bike to be riden straight up into the back, the cops said there have been a few like this in recent months, follow a bike for awhile then hit them while at a set of lights. Yes it was insured, yes it cannot be started without the key that's why they have stooped to doing this, just like carjacking at lights so be aware of the vehicles around you at night if the traffic is light. The bike was less than a year old. He said the 2 blokes were big guy's who basically just lifted him up & threw him on the road & the 3rd guy just hopped on & took off.
    Not much else to say except be carefull, he said he didn't see it comming & wonders what would have happened if he had put up a fight, they might just hit you with a steel bar first regardless.

    Gives me the shivers :shock: