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Another Bike sale scam story

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Shakows, Feb 25, 2009.

  1. Hopefully this is the right place for this thread

    Just wanted to post a warning for anybody out there buying a bike online

    No, I haven't been scammed, as it was pretty obvious that the bike was a scam right from the start

    Was on Bike Sales, 06 ZX10R $9200, straight away its too cheap but it was local, so I thought about checking it out. First warning, no contact number just the inquiry form. Cut a long story short, guys in UK, blah blah, selling bike via a courier company

    Basically after a couple of emails where he gave me the VIN and Rego and more photo's, I have now been asked to go to this website

    And this is what I wanted to post


    Looks legit and seem to work fine, STAY away!!

    I am only up to this point in the scam, filled in my "details" happily going along with Damien Jon Loius Camilleri's(yes thats the person's name) fun and games.

    Will post an update, once more info comes to hand

    Edit : Bike is no longer on Bikes sales, they took it down pretty quickly after I contacted them
  2. Happens all the time mate, there's PLENTY of threads on here about similar incidences. Good on you for reporting it though!
  3. About a week ago I had a similar thing happen to me. I was sent a link for a bike ad by a friend of mine you thought the bike was pretty cheap. It was a BMW 1200 enduro something (a bike I know nothing about) and it was priced at $7,700 when the ones on bikesales were priced between $15k and $19k. The reason given for the cheap price was that it was this lady's ex husbands and she wanted to get rid of it.

    Anyway, I asked to look at the bike and she was overseas apparently and her emails suggested that I wasn't going to be able to see the bike, and she wouldn't give me any more information before I provided my full name and address... She said they were necessary details that needed to be provided to the trading post for the transaction process to begin.

    I don't know how they would've ended up getting my money had I gone ahead with it, but I'm sure it was a scam.
  4. If it looks "too good to be true", then it probably is.
  5. So I'm obviously a ****wit but how do you know that site is a scam? I'm a bit lost.
  6. but if its local and its by a female and could possiblybe lookin to get back at her BF... by selling his bike behind his back.. just never know ;)
  7. And if the bike's registered in his name, he'll come home to find it missing and report it stolen. Vicroads records will show who the buyer is and the cops will pick it up then deliver it back to the dude who owns it. His slaggy skank ex will face charges over selling a bike she didn't own and the dopey twit who buys the bike will be bikeless and have little chance of recovering the money he spent on a deal that was too dodgy to be true. That's quite a fairy tale you've told there, thanks. :)
  8. +1 to that. We had scrap metal guys come to take son's smashed up Magna away(no one, not even any of the Jap wreckers were interested :rofl: ), and he had to be there to sign it over, otherwise they wouldn't touch it :wink: .
  9. Just an update

    I signed upto the website using a proxy and a mailinator.com address for me. I deliberately entered the seller's email slightly wrong and low and behold, the seller still found my message :-O

    Now comes the dodgy bit, they want the money via a MT103 wire transfer :p

    And for proof he has asked me to upload a scanned copy of the transfer

    Anybody got any idea's what to upload?

    Also the bank transfer is to an account at the Bank of Scotland in Edinburgh.
    I tried to google for places to report this stuff but no luck, anybody know where in the UK I can report this scam
  10. The dude is most likely in Nigeria.
    I had 5 seperate buyers of a laptop on eBay all end up being in Nigeria.
    Yet their "bank accounts" or postal addresses were all set in either the US, UK or Australia.
    They often get addresses from houses for sale listed on the net.
  11. Yep, too common these days. Just recently i saw a 2008 GSXR1000 for $7,200.. Its easy to know its fake when they dont have a contact number, none of them ever do, they go by email and give you the same story, divorced and moving to UK for work bla blah blah.
  12. yeah

    seen it alot of times

    saw a 07 R1 for 3800
    a 06 zx-6rr for 4600
    and a few others

    all the real ads were from ebay or bikepoint.. the guys simply took info such as VIN, rego, engine number and pictures from the respective sites and p posted them on bikesales.
  13. I can't believe people fall for this stuff.

    Greed often clouds people's vision eh?
  14. Indeed it does QuarterWit, indeed it does.

  15. I remember the Federal police saying that something like 10-15% of people they contact to say the have been scammed keep sending money!

    They are the older style scams, such as send me money and I'll move to Aust to be with you, etc.
  16. Surely there are some protection from sites such as 'bike sales' or do they just put their hands up and say. "not our problem?"

    Did'nt ebay get in strife for advertising scam stuff a while ago?

  17. Another update

    My wife, since she is the one that initially contact the seller, asked me to let him down nicely, so currently in the process

    So I send him an email saying that since he is overseas I need to go into the RTA and "presetup the rego transfer" and that I need the Rego paper

    Low and behold the next day I get a copy of the current rego paper!

    This has to be bordering on a pretty severe case of identity fraud as well
  18. They're amazing aren't they :eek:
    Have a bit of fun with him and try and haggle a better price since bike can't be viewed and he's overseas.
    See how low he'll go (he'll get excited thinking he might have a live one) then tell him what you think of him.
    These guys should be shot.
    Did you see the current affairs show the other night about the grandma who has sent over $6mill over 25 years and still she believes the stories and continues to send money to the scammers.
  19. Another one to watch out for guys is a 1999 CBR250RR on bikesales advertised for $2900. Too good to be true but i figured will give it a shot... Got one of the usual stories "i have moved to the UK but work for an airline so i can get back to aus quick." She told me she has a couple of buyers lined up so if your emailing for a CBR in brisbane to email address emmahunter50(at)yahoo(dot)com i would stop, she wants ALL your details and for you to put money in an 'escrow' company that i cannot find anywhere before she will come and give you the bike.

    FIRST POST!!! :grin: