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Another bike of mine bites the dust

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Jace, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. First the trixie now the treadly when will it end?

    Riding my pushy to work last night, riding through an intersection that I've ridden through 100's of times before without incident, then this woman decides to make a right hand turn right in front of me. So I grab a whole handful of brakes and perform an awe inspiring stoppy but to no avail I then crash hard in to the front guard of the offending Honda civic. Then proceed to demonstrate a near perfect commando roll across the bonnet (bike still attached via foot cleats mind you) and for the dismount I do a ground headbutt that would leave even break dancers gasping at the mere magnificence of it all. Made a hell of a crunch and telling by all the cagers asking me if I was OK must've been 1 hell of a show. Man am I in a world of pain this morning. To top it off I still went to work for 12 hours and now am just venting before I got to bed....

    I should add that I purchased the bike on Saturday afternoon. Talk about being PISSED OFF. and to top it all off the woman said the obligatory words no two wheeler wants to hear as an excuse.
    "Sorry, I didn't see you"
    Well then why did you farken stop mid turn in front of me then ya dumb twat?
    OH well here's the broken bike. Did a good job of it I reckon.

    So kids, Bicycles are dangerous
    :shock: Stay safe ride a loud bike and look mean :LOL:
  2. Sorry to hear it man, glad you've got a rock-hard bonce. ;)
  3. And you still went to work?
    You're missing out on compo payments now! :LOL:
    Well if you went to work I guess your relatively ok so thats good. At least your not seriously injured.
  4. That sucks Jace, hope you don't suffer the after effects too badly. :cry:

    Maybe you should have been on a pink scooter, might have been seen then :wink: :grin:
  5. :shock: Holy crap. Glad to hear you're okay though. Things are gonna start get better for you now - sending good vibes. :)
  6. Sorry about the bike, do you think that she couldn't see your headlight? Most drivers tend to have tunnel vision when it comes to objects on the other side of the road.
  7. I was lit up like a christmas tree.....maybe I should put an angel on top it might help. :LOL:

    edit: oh and thanks for the good vibes :wink:
  8. Make sure you report it to the fuzz. She should be charged.
    Hit her up for a new bike..........

    Glad you're ok. :)
  9. damn that sucks! ive done that before... Is it just the front wheel thats farked, or forks too? if there carbon, get em checked... same as behind the steerer tube, look for cracks... If worst comes to it, i have a spare set of carbon forks and a few front wheels...
    Hows the streetfighter coming?
  10. Definitely report to the Police. She will get a negligent driving charge.
    Also you will need to chase up her insurance company as they will give you a cheque for the replacement cost of the bike.

    Know a couple of guys that have been in this exact situation. Let's just say the driver's were quite surprised when they were handed a $5000 quote for a push bike.
  11. Wow, your front-wheel as painted by Salvidore Dali...

    Did I miss something? What happened to the TRX? I like that bike :( ... that was my first time on 1 wheel.
  12. I cycle as well and stuff like this is damn scary. At least with a throttle you have a few more options.

    ...that sort of roll, and still clipped in :shock: Glad to hear you came out of it ok.

    On a positive side, from what I can see in the photos, the bike came out of it better than expected!
  13. Thats over $1000 worth of bike there, get it checked properly and make sure it's fixed and everything is back and running true.

    Good to see you are ok.
  14. +1 its a road accident, so report and get replacement for the broken stuff :)

    Good to hear nothing else was damaged tho :)
  15. shit sorry to hear about your stack. Some people just should not be allowed to drive.

    Glad your ok.
  16. could have been worse.. could have been the miss' scooter.. THEN you would have been hurting :p

    good to hear your alright...

    i had a similar story, two weeks putting a back wheel back together. 400m in to her maden voyge some stupid cager goes though a stop sign and i'm a commador hood orniment. on the lighter side he was the first driver to ever pay damges to my bike.. as a kid i was knocked off regualrly
  17. Wow lucky your all good Jace!

    Hope you have a speedy recovery!

    I saw you on anzac day riding near mt waverley on your scooter - I had a good laugh at that!
  18. Since there was a motor vehicle involved you are also covered by the TAC - but you must report it to the cops.
  19. Im glad your ok mate. Lucky in a way that you went over the bonet. I wasnt so lucky on my pushbike and i hip and shouldered right though the guys passenger window into his car. Doctors couldnt get all the glass out form my right arm.

    And yes on those Imortal words! "Sorry, I didn't see you". i have herd them all to oftern too on both motor and push bike alike.

    But after i was picked up off the blood soaked bitumen and loaded into a ambulance, the driver had the nerve to say to me and the abulance drivers and police...
    "Yeah im the driver of the car, but him and me have an agreement that its 50/50 fault."
    If my arm wasnt a mess and my leg was working better, i would have gotten out and strangled the bastard!

    End of rant.
  20. that's because you didnt look.

    ya dumb ar$e