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Another bike in a disabled spot.. but wait, theres more.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Glekichi, Dec 11, 2011.

  1. At the pub Friday afternoon for a few pints, sitting outside, theres a big cruiser parked in the disabled parking spot.

    It was bugging me quite a bit, and Ive seen quite a few bikes doing this lately.

    WTF makes people think its ok to do this?

    Anyway.... coupla pints in and I couldnt believe what I saw.

    Old dude rocks up from the beach (so he wasnt even at the damn pub whose disabled space he was using) wearing a vest and a PAIR OF SPEEDOS, puts on the helmet, and rides away.

    I mean, I get it that people like to ride in T-shirts when the weather is fine and not travelling at high speeds.... but SPEEDOS?


    If I wasnt pissing myself laughing so hard I would have made a comment about the disabled spot.
  2. Maybe he has disabled parking rights. You made the assumption before seeing him that he had no right to park there, but how do you know? Do you tend to make assumptions about motorcyclists? ;)
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  3. Agreed, my son rides a bobber, complete with foot boards, also drives a ute with a disabled sticker on the window.. but I will add I would kick his arse if he tried to ride anywhere near me wearing budgie smugglers.
  4. ... Nah!!....... He sounds disabled all right!!.....:p. (think old dude and speedo's!! Eeeuueeeeeewwwww. :sick:)
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  5. I know if i became disabled to walk that wouldnt keep me off a bike.
  6. Except he could obviously park his bike, walk down to the beach and go swimming all on his own. Doesn't sound too disabled, but you can get permits for other reasons.
  7. was there a disabled label on the bike? if not.you're right to be annoyed and post this.
  8. No you wouldn't, otherwise you would have.
  9. Doesn't sound like he is disabled for sure but I used to have admiration for a disabled guy that would regular swim at Byron Bay.
    He had no legs at all and would wheelchair it down to the water's edge, get out of the chair, drag himself into the water sliding on his butt and go for a massive swim.
    I'm whinging being on crutches with a broken knee and this guy could manage that.
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    Maybe his budgie was disabled.
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  11. IF the guy was walking up from the beach as described, he aint disabled, sticker or not. Wanker deserves to have his bike kicked over. I hate people like that. Deal with a disabled person in a wheelchair and you would think along the same lines.

    If I see people park in disabled spots, I give them a spray. ****en people have no respect.
  12. my son walked from the bike park at the GP to the track, it was a slow walk but he made it AND HE IS DISABLED .. disabled doesn't just mean wheelchair bound.

    think before you judge...](*,).
  13. Yesterday I saw a lebbo park his fully airbrushed lancer sideways across 2 disabled spots and a walkway, go buy a coffee and come back 5-10 mins later. There were no other free spots either.

    As for the guy on the bike if he really does have a permit that makes me sick. My mum can barely walk and doesn't have a disabled permit.
  14. Don't judge based on appearance. My dad had heart surgery, he could claim a disabled permit, but chose not to. Outwardly you would hardly notice anything wrong though.

    From the description though, this guy was a tosser.
  15. =D>=D>

    I'm thinking of a colleague who parks in the disabled spot at work then proceeds to walk around like everything's fine. Except that every step's secretly painful.
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    Disabled sticker or not it seems selfish to use a spot on a motorcycle when you can probably fit somewhere just as close that doesn't take the spot from someone else who probably needs it more than you.
  17. How is a person meant to judge that somebody more needy might come along? So they must never park in a disabled-parking spot?
    By 'someone else' do you mean somebody in a wheelchair? How do you know that other person with their chair won't be highly capable and have no issue parking further down?
    Or is it because the original person in question is on a motorcycle?

    Motorcycles have always been my only transport, and insofar as I can ride I don't see that changing. God help me if I ever develop a disability such that (where's there's no footpath parking) I want to start parking in disabled spots if I can: not only will the car drivers make, as usual, a thousand negative assumptions about me, but so too will my 'fellow' motorcyclists.

    Still, most people, including 'do gooders', feel the right to make endless a priori assumptions and judgements about the actions of people with disabilities.
  18. yeah yeah yeah. yadda yadda yadda.

    OK, it's _possible_ he had a right to park there. But very unlikely given it doesn't sound like a permit was displayed or that he would have any difficulty at all in using any other spot. Get real people.

    Don't judge him, just call the cops and let them make the determination. I bet they would be happy to oblige.

    As for not taking up a disabled spot on a bike even if you have the right, I totally agree that it's not on. Those spaces are larger for a reason. A reason that doesn't apply to a bike. Any normal car park for a bike would allow a disabled person on a bike to have all the accessibility they need. If it doesn't then they probably shouldn't be on a bike. I think it's just common sense not to take that space unless you have a right to and actually need it.

    I'd have no hesitation in asking someone parking a bike in a disabled spot if they thought it was appropriate.
  19. Correct me if I'm wrong Glekichi but your in South Australia, where parking on the footpath is illegal, so if the rider was disabled and he can't park on the footpath, he had every legal and moral right to park in the disabled parking area.
  20. And if I was Nobby's son I'd have no hesitation in telling you to get ******. But I shouldn't have to, and I shouldn't have to have one more sonofabitch screw up my day, on top of the pain I've been sitting at home with, which I finally decided to ignore to get out for a bit in order to try to feel a bit less low.

    The placement of the disabled parking is proximate to certain things - like the shop entrance - for a reason. I don't know what riders do about disabled stickers given they, like many other permits, are hard to mount on a bike without being stolen by some bogan. But don't anybody let such complexities complicate righteous assumptions.