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Another baby Netrider on the way!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Dougz, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Well some of you already know but we though we'd let everyone know:

    Dougz and Clairebear are going to be parents!! :grin: :grin: :grin: It's our first and it wasn't planned but we're very excited nonetheless!

    I never thought that a 5 second timespan ("honey, I've taken a test and I'm pregnant") could so completely change our plans/lives. We'd been all set to get on a plane in May to go and live in Canada (Toronto) for a year or so, so that I could train my Martial Arts full time and get my teaching accreditation. Subsequently, we'd sold almost everything we owned in preparation and now we have to buy it all again! Couches, tables, new bike for me (BWAHAHAHAAHA :grin: ) car for the bubs to ride in (I HATE cars!) etc etc.

    We'll still go to Canada, but we'll just have to wait another year ands take the new bubs with us.

    Due date is September 19th. We've had the first trimester Ultrasound and all looks good.

    Giggedy Giggedy - Giggedy Goo
  2. Congrats!!! Bummer about having to mess around with buying everything back, etc. but great news :)
  3. dougz :nail: clairebear!


    well done :beer:
  4. Yours is due soon Joel, yeah? :cool:
  5. Congrats again Dougz and Clairebear! :)

    My old housemate is going overseas for 12 months and so is selling all of her furniture and whitegoods. She is in Hawthorn. PM me if you are interested.

  6. Giggedy Giggedy - Giggedy Goo INDEED!! Congrats :).
  7. That's great news Dougz :)

    My sister just found out she is pregnant too....everyone's having babies :bolt:
  8. Congrats Dougz and Clairebear !!
  9. Congrats dewd and dewdette :applause:
    when yours is born, we can get together at NR gig and in the words of Bart "cool, we can racem" :grin: Im sticking a Bandit 12 in mine :LOL:
  10. Finaly I can congratulate you publicly.
    The way i founf out was along the lines of.
    Hey Clair want to grab a beer?
    No thanks
    O.K. Would you prefer a wine?
    No It's O.K.
    I've got some good whiskey
    No I'll be right.
    Oh Arn't you drinking?

    So once again. Congrats
  11. Congrats!!!!!!!! :)

    I'm getting married 28th of this month (we've been together since 2000) and planning on starting a family, if I am capable - long story. Lots of girls, no scares = me think I shoot blanks ;) .

    But hopefully I can add "Baby on the way" post sometime this or next year :grin:
  12. congratulations guys!
  13. Congrats Dougz!!!

  14. Public congratulations! :woot: :grin:

    If the parents are anything to go by, the bub is going to be a tenascious intelligent goodlooking little critter!

    Hey how is Claire doing?? All's well I hope.

    (Hey Dougz/Claire, perhaps it's time for another Asian food chow down in Footscray if Claire's tummy is up to it???)
  15. Yeah, but that'll be all from Claire :wink: :LOL:

    Awesome! Saw bubs on the ultrasound the other day, it was quite an amazing moment for us :)

    (Hey Dougz/Claire, perhaps it's time for another Asian food chow down in
    Double awesome! When? We're moving to Preston on Sunday but have bought a car (man I hate cars!) so can now travel wherever :woot:
  16. Holy cow! On top of your new baby (bike) and a new baby (human), congrats on the move and congrats on the car! Its all go with you aint it?!! :grin:

    Hope you have a suitable army of movers to keep the move down to minimum time... it's gonna be [​IMG]!
  17. Did Dougz tell you how to start one? :?

    Congratulations! Happy for you both!

    Its about time you reap the consequences for failing to use a sheath :LOL:

    U aint getting any younger :p
  18. I'm still laughing at the fact that the Ad at the bottom of Rob's last post reads Baby No Bumps Safety Hat!

    Doh, well it did, they must change each time, dag nam it!

    Seriously though, Congrats Claire and Dougz.
  19. Hey thanks guys!

    Stupid work has Netrider blocked as a "satanic site" so I can't access it!!! Drives me nuts!!!!!

    Feeling fine - except if I get tired or hungry and then I get nauseated again. That, plus the fact that finding clothes to wear is becoming an issue - not fun when you're rushing to get to work! Things that fitted a week ago literally don't fit the next! Anyone who said "Oh, you don't show until the 4th month" forgot to mention that just because people can't see it doesn't mean that you don't still feel like a heifer!

    Rob - so up for Asian food expedition - Actually, there's one around the corner from us that we went to the other day for lunch and it was great! Failing that, we can always go to Bell Street McDonald's on a Saturday night.
  20. Hmmm... just thinking about that post.... way too many double negatives.