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Another Australian drug mule arrested in bali

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mikey213, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. http://www.news.com.au/travel/news/...drug-allegations/story-e6frfq80-1226286455821

    I honestly don't know why they keep trying, indonesia is one of the worlds most toughest on drug crimes, and it always seems to be Australians getting caught, i personally don't do drugs and don't care to.

    but i am sick of seeing person after person getting caught, people get the death penalty, the jails are so gross, why would you risk spending the rest of your life in a smelly, congested hell hole, for a few bucks or a high.

    Its insane, do they not watch the news? or are they just blindsided by the money they get offered to do it.

    The shappelle corby case is a laugh, trying to say that someone put 4.4kg of weed in her bag, the kid who recently got caught was an habitual drug user and got away with it.. this guy obviously won't.

    But it astounds me that people would risk so so much to do it.

  2. Trying to smuggle ice?
    What an idiot - it's being churned out here cheap as chips...
  3. Stupid idiots is all the publicity I wanna give these people. All know what they are up against and too stupid not to give in to temptation.
  4. Importing drugs is stupid.

    The marjority of them can be made/grown with the same amount of skill it takes to operate a BBQ.

    Importing drugs on commercial planes, through a country with the death penality is imsanely stupid.
  5. A lot of them owe money due to a bad addiction, and this is the only way the could pay off the debt, to them the risk is probably better than being kneecapped or worse.
  6. For every person caught how many are getting away with it?

    While authorities like to carry on about how "you will be caught", I'm not too sure they are catching the majority.

    (based on opinion and no actual fact)
  7. I've heard from reliable sources that there are sometimes 3 or 4 couriers unknown to each other and 1 will get dobbed in so the others get through. Not a lot of integrity in the drug business I'm afraid.
  8. Apparently it's often smuggled INTO Indonesia (Bali) for use by the Aussie party crowd.
  9. Aah of course, thanks Titus.
    I think that makes him even stupider then, somehow...
  10. Texas has the highest death penalty rate of all states in the USA yet they are still committing capital crimes. It's obvious people are extremely stupid.
  11. I don't understand it. All I can think is that he must indeed be desperate enough to try.

    Unfortunately people think that these countries have 'civilsed' laws like ours, but Bali is one the most corrupt, inconsistant places on earth! Who knows, if he keeps his mouth shut to the media and offers as much money as he can he has every chance of getting off.
  12. Firstly, quite a lot of Australians appear (based upon their actions) to believe that Bali is part of Australia.

    Secondly, anybody stupid enough to try shit like this, given the risk/reward ratio, is probably better out of the gene pool for the remainder of their reproductive life.
  13. ...amateurs...*shakes head*

    is it wrong to think the person is guilty just for the fact that they are from Ballarat?
  14. Or, as has long been argued, that the death penalty isn't an effective deterrent to crime
  15. high risk = high reward. simple

    it won't be the first time he's done it. probably just got overconfident. and greedy.

    would have been heroin. can't make that at home.

    the death penalty is the most humane option for him. prison in Indonesia for life term, worse fate than death.
  16. So it turns out a majority of it was hashish and one capsule was methamphetamine...

    The whole high risk high reward thing though... so you're willing to risk your life for a few thousand... or possibly more, i'm sure its more.

    I don't see the logic, the chances of getting caught are too high in a country that is on alert 100%, i'm sure 4/5 people get through.. but they'll be caught eventually.. its a risk i don't think is worth it.

    But i suppose if you were in desperate need for cash or had a habit.. it would seem like a great deal, but the risk factor and the consequences should be enough of a deterrent to not do it.

    I guess common sense isn't in everyone's blood.
  17. well he is indeed and idiot for running hash and meth through there.
    but only 4 out of 5 who make it. no way.
    the ones they catch, just a drop in the ocean.
  18. but man, worlds dumbest criminal.
    hashish. no masking that pungent odour on his person. every dog in that airport would have been going beserk before he was through the front door

    patsy or dumbass
  19. Given that ISTR some of the Bali 9 claiming they were paid ~$10k, I'm not convinced that the mules get a high reward. Possibility of life imprisonment in Indonesia vs the wherewithal to buy a 10 year old Commodore? Sorry but if that stacks up for you, you have the IQ of a stick of celery.
  20. perspective.
    he's from Ballarat.
    a ten year old commodore to him is a very valuable treasure