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N/A | National Another Aus standard out of line with the rest of the world

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by MV, Apr 14, 2011.

  1. Tread depth! Yes, tread depth.

    Your tread depth markers on your tyres are 0.6mm high, as I understand it, the legal limit for most of the rest of the world, but the legal minimum tread depth, here in vic at least is 2.0mm.


  2. Huh... Interesting.

    Guess I was mislead... I'd better actually measure my tread & see if they are still legal.

    Thanks for the info JD.
  3. Yeah winter's certainly the time where tread depth starts becoming important.

    Though always annoys me that I'm always having to change tyres when most of them is still good. My car only scrubs out the inner edges (due to camber), and I tend to kill the middle of bike tyres long before the outer edges are worn down (or even worn in :LOL:).
  4. Just as a matter of interest fellas, how many 'AU standards' to EU and US discrepancies are there?
  5. Well, I may have been exaggerating a little (& wrong)... Helmets is the only one I can think of at the moment.
  6. Wouldn't think there'd be many discrepancies these days, simply because that would require this country having to come up with its own rather than just copy someone else's.

    Of course they'll still insist the Australian one is different, how else would they be able to make money from it. ;)

    Was a lot more differences in the past though, evidenced by the fact we still have differences between states (railway gauge, beer sizes, etc.).
  7. It's amazing how many people (rta, mechanics, cops, mighty forum overlords) have vastly different views of the ADRs. I've been told my tyres are bald once when I got pulled over for an "rbt". I lol'ed and said "no they are not even close!". He replies with "well they're getting there", they weren't worn much, I don't think he even looked TBH. I guess that's more trying to be a prick than misinterpreting the rules.
  8. Unless your riding on the slabs all the time, Drop a few PSI, That will give you better wear,
  9. Thanks mate. Having given some thought and discussion to EU standards, adopting them outright as our own could have ramifications down the track with things like ABS etc. I also have my doubts if the industry would go for it as they see it as protecting their market place.

    Our agencies like to use words like 'worlds best practice' and adopt it as their own, writing it into legislation and policy without giving a great deal of thought to the uniqueness of our country. The fighting for motorcycling has been ongoing for sometime in the EU, we're a little bit behind the eightball here.
  10. Appreciate the tip but my problem's more to do with living in the flat wastelands West of Melbourne, and a lot of commuting with cold tyres/engine.
  11. Understood, Try the Far Eastern side of Melbourne,

    Gets rid off your chicken strips,
  12. Been there, done that :).