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Another annoying oil thread

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by deafwish, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. It's time to drop the oil in my 24000km old Hornet 600.
    It currently has a semi synthetic ELF oil in it and will most likely use a Motul oil next.
    I need to know what is the reccommended viscosity oil and how much oil it requires.
    The Hornet is not a daily rider, it just gets ridden (relatively hard) on weekends (approx 400km a month). I always warm the bike up for a few munites while I gear up.
    I have been advised that a 20W50 is required due to it revving so high, but would like some other opinions.
    Sorry to do this thread to you all, again..... :oops:

    Oh, anyone have a workshop manual for a 98 Hornet on CD?
    Daz. :wink:
  2. Thanks Scooter.
    I would prefer peoples experiences, not just what Mobil wants to sell me.
  3. and what do you think joe avg will be able to tell you deaf?

    that "i tried this oil under these conditions for 50000km and then tore the engine down for a look. Then i took another new engine and used this different oil under the same conditions for 50000km and tore the engine down again"?

    oils are oils (stop it!) and the best places to look for info on them are the manufacturers who can give you an idea of what is different between the grades, the manufacturer who tells you what to put in it based on ambient temperature and the oil anaylsis companies who will sample the old stuff for you and tell you if your change intervals are suitable.
  4. The mobil site suggests synth or semi-synth @ 10W40, as per manufacturers recomendations. 3.8l.

    Really what else do you need to know?
  5. Good advises here. Stay with what manufacturer recommends and stick with it.

    I used to put in $50 Motul, checked the manual and it says to put SJ grade oil. Well, what do you know, the Motul is actually less superior SG grade!!! The only advantage is being sythetic but who gives a crap ?

    So I put the recommended grade, a Valvoline XLD, SJ grade and it cost me only $17. What a winner, bike's running like a dream!
  6. Thanks for all your input.
    I thought that considering it is not a daily commuting bike, a thicker better quality oil would better protect the engine. :?
    Cheers anyway.
  7. Not always the best advise. The oil reccomendations are cut and pasted from the japanese or european manuals.

    I wouldn't run less then xW50 in a bike in Australian, during summer. In winter, for my bike it'd be 10W50, as it's oil cooled, but for a water cooled you could probably get away waith 10W40.

    Summer you can get away with 15W50
  8. i use castrol rx super (diesel oil) and its excellent, gear changes are nicer as well :)
  9. I have no idea about my oil or how to change ill let bike shop deal with it