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Another Anniversary (but NOT pointless)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Aug 19, 2005.

  1. So we've had the licence anniversay, how about the BIGGIE?? How long have you been married, with the same partner, etc, you know what I mean, and DO you remember the anniversary??
    Mine's 15th December 1973, so coming up for my 32nd.

  2. 12th April 1973
  3. 6 April '74 I feel inadequate.
  4. Not married yet Paul , very soon tho :D . But it's one anniversay (with the birthday and valintines day) that my Dad warned me never to forget.
  5. August 30, 1986....OMG, it looks worse when it's in writing :D
  6. Wow that's only 11 days away, don't forget...... ok you're female you won't.

    Mine's August 17, 1990 - Celebrated 15 years the other day.
  7. 25th september 1994
    and we now have a 3 month old addition.

  8. I've been with my partner 5 years on October the 9th. Not married yet, even though I keep hinting and so do the parents :p
  9. 4th April 1966. :( No parol yet. Probably due to lack of good behaviour)(Would have got less for murder) :wink:

    By the way, tomorrow is the 50th anniv for the hit 'Rock around the clock' by Bill Haley and the Comets hitting the top of the hit parade here in Aus. (Melb)

    Ok, so you youngns havent heard of him, but his hit virtually started rock and roll especially here. It was also a hit in England and USA.
  10. Excuse me, i may be a youngen but i sure have heard of him. Rock may not have been the same without him. "One, two, three oclock, four oclock rock, a five, six, seven oclock, eight oclock, a nine, ten, eleven oclock, twleve oclock rock, were gonna, rock around, the clock tonight. Put your glad rags on and join me hun, we'll have some fun when the clock strikes one....." Ahh the classics
  12. Ah, In that case you will be glad to hear that Magic693 is devoting all day Sunday to those days. Tune in. :wink:

    Good to know there are people who know good music when they hear it. :LOL:

    ****hmmm, should I have said that? It'll start something I bet, Oh well. I'll have the last of teh red now****** :p :wink:
  13. My ex never forgot our anniversary cause every year for 19 years my mum rang him the day before to wish him happy anniversary for tomorrow, even when he was cheating for most of them! God I love my bike! Oh & my mum! & she loves my bike too!
  14. Actually, from about 15 years on even the females forget :LOL:
  15. In March just gone I have had my bike licence for ten years...that I would never forget :LOL:
  16. What date in March? I got my restricted on my birthday March 22nd!
  17. I got married on armistice day (11th Nov) so every time I see people wearing poppies, I know it's coming around again. Ten years this year.
  18. Ah, nodz, a surrender of a different sort!!
    When I was living in Yarra Junction I bought my wife a huge bundh of flowers and gave them to her on the 15th December. "What are these for??"
    SHE had forgotten our anniv!! Only time it's happened though!!!
  19. Got married Anzac Day... "Lest we forget"

    Divorce should be coming through any day! :D :D
  20. Now here's a question.

    What do you say when someone says they either ar divorced or about to be divorced. eg Pat65. (No offence at all Pat65, just a puzzle) and others from time to time.

    Do you say something about being sorry, as in as if someone has died?

    Or do you say something like good onya or congratulations?