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Another Across Problem. Carb Balancing

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Master Illusion, Nov 3, 2005.

  1. Heya,

    Got a bit of a wierd problem. Sorta relates to the previous topic.

    I did an overhaul on my carbs on the weekend and stripped them completely, but once I fitted them back on I tried balancing the carbs, but one of them No 3 (from left) will not come high, it is constantly lower than all the others. Funnily enough no 4 is high.

    Unfortunately no amount of changing, fiddling, etc will bring no 3 up. It makes it run like a real pig (Creek, there goes the can of worms) at idle with that one low.

    Any ideas on what may be causing it, or possible solutions???

    I wonder who's gonna get the first across joke in. Taking bets, bidding starts at $100. Do I hear $100. :p

    Thanks :LOL: :LOL:
  2. The only balance you are doing is the left "pair" to the right "pair" via the adj at the throttle cable, one screw only.

    DONT try to adjust balance by twiddking the idle bleed screws!!!!!

    Recheck the idle bleed screw preset, they must be all the same setting (see pictures in manual) normal is 1.5 turns out. DON"T adjust while the engie is running, you'll never get a decent "balance"

    I found that my Across balanced and ran smoothest at 1.75 turns out, as the screws are an "Air bleed" I've effectively leaned off the mixture at idle and "transition". Important thing is that ALL the airbleeds are the same setting.

    Also check your choke "needles" and linkages, esp where the cable branches into two under the battery mount. sticking or partly held on choke (esp one pair of carbs) will make balancing inpossible.

    Also check for air leaks on teh inlet to #3 carb (rubber mount or manifold) an air leak will olsio cuase your symptoms, and low vacuum.

    Lastly, check for a missfiring plug, & the valves are properly adjusted.

  3. ordinarily, #3 is used as a reference for the others - the only way you can move it it by adjusting its mixture screws.