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Another 4WD Bully

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Shambles90, Mar 9, 2010.

  1. So i haven't been riding long, picked up my first road bike a month and a bit ago and during the week last week was riding to uni down the eastlink towards Frankston from ringwood. Must've been around 10:30 i had just changed lanes into the right lane to overtake a car and a 4wd who was in the same lane as me changes aswell. As we both overtake the car which was infront of me he starts creeping closer and closer to me till i can almost make out the stains on his teeth in the side mirrors, now im always wanting to get out of the way of people like this when im on the bike but the cars on the lane to the left of us were one after the other at the time so i had to pass another 3 cars before had a good safe opportunity to change back into that lane. The whole time the 4wd drive edging closer and closer finally as i indicate to go back into that lane and let the 4wd pass the 4wd drive backs off and before i make it back he floors it and puts his car on half the outside shoulder to overtake me, and then as clearly that wasn't satisfying enough he breaks to pull up next to me puts down the passenger window and starts shouting and giving me the finger, and as if thats not enough he then proceeded to swerve his car towards me to intimidate me. After finally getting his sanctification he goes off flying down the freeway. Needless to say when i got to uni it took me a couple minutes to gather myself

  2. That's just our shit neck of the woods. Ringwood is full of fools like him. No brains but plenty of opinions.

    We had a guy go off tap at us a few weeks ago because a little bit of ash from my girlfriends cigarette floated out the van window. He made us go to the Police station... umm... so that they could yell at him. Go figure.

    Take a deep breath and relax in the knowledge that one day he'll do it to the wrong guy. ;)
  3. yeah look iv had guys like that do it to me when im in a car and thats different at least then i feel a bit safer but when im sitting on my bike at 100 on a freeway with my L plate showing the world im still a learner its not the best feeling :)
  4. As a rider and a 4WD owner I would just like to point out the error in your subject title (another 4WD bully), the 4WD wasn't the bully, the driver was..

    Your remark is akin to drivers claiming all riders are reckless maniacs...

    Don't start off your riding adventure by being another road bigot, put it down to experience and learn from it.

    Everybody has bad days even us.

    Stay safe
  5. Some just have a disproportionate amount of them. Tap of the brake and bit of wobble generally gets them in line.
  6. I know a crazy sportsbike rider that used to carry old sparkplugs in his riding jacket just for times like that...

    Although it is quite annoying when a vehicle on the road is doing an overtake at 1km/h faster than the vehicle its overtaking.
  7. Don't worry 4wds are big and intimidating, but once your skills improve you will nimbly and easilly manouvre around dopes like that and leave them behind as you work through traffic like they could only dream of doing
  8. =D>
  9. Nothing a pocket full of nuts n bolts won't fix. Just make sure you have the skills and/or power to get away safely
  10. Yes the title should read "All 4WD have owners that are bullies and are compensating". That would be more accurate.
  11. ..another overgeneralised post about 4WD's!!.... :roll:


  12. Don't worry Tweetster, he rides a Buell and HE talks about over compensating.. give him a break. I bet when he stops at traffic lights he checks himself out in the shop windows... cause he thinks he looks cool...

    and Vertical C. I tow 2 and a half ton with my fourbie, try doing that with a family 6cyl or jap4 and see how far you get....

    Once again don't judge everybody by the actions of the few..otherwise everybody would think all Buell riders are tossers,
    stay safe

  13. Guys calm down I was joking. Maybe I should have written "All FWDs have owners that can't take a joke"

    Its a bike forum if you want to come here and defend cages you should expect a bit of ribbing.
  14. Pah I am preety sure my Buell could tow that. But it would ruin the look of the bike in the window so I am not going to try.
  15. I am humbled, next time I'm out in the fourbie I will try very hard to resist the temptation to run anybody off the road.... will take all the fun out of it though
  16. Oi, I drive a Front Wheel Drive and I can take a joke just fine! :-s
  17. Damn you be a smart a*se for long enough and you are bound to stuff up. All these cage terms are hurting my brain lets get back to bikes.
  18. You're saying they're not? Other than soccer moms that is...