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Another 2011 Ninja 250R with an important difference...

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Cam0, Oct 27, 2011.

  1. Its MINE!

    For ages I have been thinking about a bike, and both my room mates going riding on the weekends really wasn't helping me!

    But I finally thought stuff it there is no point waiting for another day, you have to live in the now!

    So I picked her up on Tuesday, a 2011 model with only 828Kms all stock (Apart from the Cowl) and I can't wait to get into it.

  2. Very nice! I almost bought one today... a quick phone call to the minister of war and finance suggested that it wait till tomorrow... how are you finding the bike?

  3. I like your bike :)
  4. Its going well did some practice in our car park (about 5km in laps) then went out for my first ride on the streets (8kms) and it was really good starting to really get the feel for it! Lucky to get out at all with this below average weather!
  5. Theyre damn easy to get used to :p nice and small.

    I love my ninjette!
  6. 250R's are great little bikes. I just upgraded to a gsx-r 1000 and sold my 09 ninja to one of my mates who just recently got their L's so i still get to ride it from time to time. So easy to throw it around with little effort and really forgiving.

    Enjoy it!
  7. Whats the "important"difference ?
    Looks pretty 250 UJM to me.
  8. Nice work cam0. Glad to have you along.

    It's his. That matters.
  9. \\:D/

    She just made it past 1,000KMs on the weekend!
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  10. I hear your room mates are top blokes
  11. Average at best...
  12. your current one maybe...maybe taking this a little off topic. Although you did bring up the whole roommate thing. I'm glad i could be of influence enjoy all the twisty roads that may come before you