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Anonymous downloading

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by GeorgeO, Jun 20, 2016.

  1. Hi there

    I have this friend who would like to know what the best way would be to download media off the internet anonymously.
    I am sure that this friend would NEVER download illegal content, he's just one of those foil hat wearing dudes who likes to cover all basis.

    How does one go about 'hiding'your IP address - who are the service providers out there and how much would that cost? Do you trust these services with your credit card detail? Does it slow your access speeds down?

    Anybody that can shed some light?
  2. mate dont be ashamed of your p0rn habit
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  3. You mean his friend shouldn't be ashamed of hi p0rn habit :)
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  4. I'll ask my friend -he has funny habbits
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  5. yep hobbits is kinky
  6. VPN should do the trick. Tons available but I'm no expert on which is best or how much protection they give you if forensically audited.
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  7. ^^ Yeah some sort of VPN system is an option.
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  8. 1. VPN
    2. TOR
    3. Trucrypt (or similar since it's now NSA)
    4. All run from a virtual machine.

    Should suffice but seriously George, we know you look at Hondas when you think no one is watching.
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  9. OK, caught me there.

    Which VPN ?
  10. That comes down to how much you want to pay for the service.
    I think the good ones are $10 per month (it's been a while since I've used non enterprise level VPNs.
  11. Try Avast as a starting point
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    OK - I'll weigh in......

    What is it you want to do?
    If it's something simple like watch US/UK Netflix then a browser extension will suffice.
    If you are 'downloading' something then you will want the 'VPN' to be machine based (configured on the computer)
    If you want all devices on your home network then you will want the 'VPN' to be gateway based (configured on the router)

    Now - the 'VPN' part has been quoted as we should boil down what you want to do (paying attention, that was the first question....)

    If misdirection is key, to access geolocked content, then a simple DNS change is required.
    If end-to-end security is key, then a VPN tunnel needs to be established which requires encryption and the installation of keys (not difficult)

    Remember though - every tunnel has (at least) two openings.
    The more expensive VPN services have contracts against logging data, access/web traffic etc.

    So which is it?
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  13. My friend wants to download movies through torrents without fear of ever getting caught
  14. if your friend ever stays at your house.. disconnect your modem :)

    or.. download shit movies (although that didn't work for Dallas Buyers Club :p )
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  15. Does your 'friend' wish to do this from one device/machine or multiple on the network?
  16. Single device would suffice (hey it rhymes!)
  17. Cool.

    So you can use a tracker blocklist like BlueTack - it'll do a good enough job if you keep it updated (a script to manage this is best)
    I-BlockList | Bluetack - level2

    This coupled with your torrent 'box' running inside a VM is usually enough - the host OS (your actual computer) will NAT traffic though the VNIC - what this means is anyone looking at the actual request being made from the torrent service will only get a TCP half-open from the host - the request header etc won't be there.

    Now - if you really, truly, need/want a VPN - you're gunna have to pay for one as the free ones are slow and track everything and will do far more harm than good for your 'friend'
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  18. So where does torguard fit in?
  19. GeorgeOGeorgeO I told you that 'Hot foxes with shaved boxes' could be purchased from China for a couple of bucks ;)
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