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Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Sinner, Jan 24, 2009.

  1. I'm looking at getting some parts Anodized.
    I was wondering if anyone new of anyone good in the Sydney area

    Thanking you inadvance
  2. Im guessing this will get moved.

    And yes i know somewhere you can get Anodizing, GOOGLE! Phone book too.

  3. WOW you're a fricken Genius, Big future ahead for you
  4. This place might be worth a look:

    I've not used them personally but they are accredited by the Anodisers Association so the quality of their work should be of a fairly high standard. There might be cheaper anodisers in Sydney - but keep in mind a crap anodising job really only becomes noticeable after a couple of years.

    What parts are you getting done? Just in case you're not already aware anodising will weaken the metal and reduce its service life - any anodising company that tries to tell you otherwise is either lying, or doesn't know what they're doing. Not an issue for cosmetic items but I'd be very cautious about anodising a swingarm or something.

  5. Thanks JD, i will be certainly be contacting that mob.
    I have recently bought a set of Rizoma rear set, grips, and fluid tanks (front & rear breaks) in all black, which will go with my Raven. After it’s all been installed the pillion pegs are all that left in the aluminium.
  6. Nice :cool: .
    Should look good when it's done.
  7. hey JD.
    Whats your thoughts on anodising exhaust headers. cant seem to recall it being done and as my bike has them swinging out in the breeze i thought it might be a good look in the right colour. i would imagine the temp would cause some pretty bad discolouration
  8. Anodising doesn't work for steel - the oxide layer won't protect the metal and it won't absorb dyes either. Colouring of stainless or titanium is possible by forming a thin oxide film on the surface but colours are limited and this is something that'll happen anyway if you get the engine hot enough.

    If you've got the standard rusty pipes of most old bikes your best option is to sand off loose rust, clean with phosphoric acid (rust converter) to passivate the surface, then paint with flame proof paint designed for exhaust headers (VHT brand stuff works well). Ceramic coatings are available in a range of colours including chrome which also improve engine power - but will reduce the life of the pipes.
  9. Interesting stuff JD :-k
  10. No worries, I should probably get around to painting my headers at some point soon.
    One good thing about flame-proof paint - it doesn't cure unless heated above a certain temperature. This means overspray is fairly easy to remove ;)
    I painted the headers on my last bike without even bothering to remove them :).
  11. I think there are now processes which coat the inside off the pipes as well -eliminating the shortened service life. Not sure who does it though.

    Edit -have a look here According to them it extends header life up to 5X.
  12. Jet Hot does inside and out and guarantees the coating. (I'm not affiliated) Here's the link:

    Definitely a better idea than tape wrapping which just about guarantees to ruin your pipes.

  13. looks like ceramic may be an option. on 6 month old perfect condidtion headers they should outlast the earth
  14. If they can coat the inside as well then ceramic would definitely be the way to go. Done right it should certainly outlast the rest of the bike.

    Still prefer titanium pipes myself, pity they're so damn expensive :(.
  15. JD, I'm about to remove my headers n expansion chamber to remove surface oxidisation and respray them, cheers for the handy info mate!

    Just got a quick query for you seeing as you're the 'man in the know'... I haven't pulled the headers off yet, but would I be needing to replace the exhaust gasket and use exhaust sealant, or would a simple bolt-off/bolt on procedure, re-use the old gasket and no-sealant-necessary be the go? I'm being paranoid, so I thought it best to ask rather than risk the consequences if I don't! Hehe!

    Depending on what you suggest, are there any particular sealants you would recommend? Cheers for you help in advance, and look forward to going for a ride with you sometime (we're both condemned to Da Rat it seems!). :grin:
  16. If your doing exhausts, HPC coating is the way to go.