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anodized gold accessories.

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Mikey213, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, i've searched and googled and ebayed for gold anodized parts.. so far only found stuff made for specific bikes... is there any universal stuff out there, that anyone would have a link to.. or any anodized stuff..

    i asked takaaimi (sp?) but his stuff is specific for the R1

  2. what parts are you specifically after and what year make model bike
  3. Plenty of generic stuff, ie ProBolt, Rizoma, etc.

    Problem is, no one suplier will be able to supply everything, & all their 'gold' will be slightly different, try & get everything from the one supplier if possible.
  4. Clutch,brake levers.
    rear brake.
    bar ends.

    etc.. gs500 2009 naked.

    thanks MV for those links.
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  6. buy what you want and go to the anodizers in your local area get em stripped and re plated to suit your colour needs

    i can highly recommend these guys http://www.rigacrafts.com.au/
  7. I found some gold bar ends here:

    And gold handlebars here:

    Barracuda accessories are pretty good quality, I have got few of them on my bike.

    The levers seems to be really hard to find for the GS500...
    Hope this help.
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  8. Intriguing....... have you checked whether other model Suzukis are the same product code for levers