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Anodising leavers

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by rat man407, Jun 25, 2012.

  1. hi
    i just wondering if anybody has tried to anodize levers at home

  2. Re: anodizing leavers

    A mini plant if you have the ability to make it your self will cost a couple of grand,

    Coloured anodised levers are $30-00 a set of the internet,

    Do you really think it is worth while,
  3. Re: anodizing leavers

    1 I'm not talking about making a business out of it
    2 your way off on how much it cost i could set one up for around $200
    3 i more want to just try it and levers would be the first thing because there cheap and easy to get a hold of
  4. Re: anodizing leavers

    Are you sure you are not talking about Electroplating rather than Annodizing? Annodizing is generally done in a suphuric acid bath as well as the electrical connection. ISO 12373/1 is the standard for dyed annodizing.
  5. Re: anodizing leavers

    yes annodizing sulphuric acid(battery acid) and as battery charger as a electrical connection
  6. Re: anodizing leavers

    Ok, I am by no means an expert in this area but my understanding is that the Molar concentration of the acid, the current and voltage and temperature are all important to control for consistent even results.

    By all means give it a go if you want with the normal warning about handling acids, confined spaces etc. :)
  7. Re: anodizing leavers

    i'm going to i was just trying to find somebody with some exp
  8. Re: anodizing leavers

    I do have experience, I Totally ran the plant for a very large Annodising plant in Brisbane in 1971.1972
    I left to take up Blacksmithing again, My actual Trade. It was during the 1971 Recession,

    I was one of two operators, He was day shift, I ran the night shift, I was the person that tied it all on, ran it through the baths, controlled the heaters and Electroplating, then unwired it, I did all the paper work for it, Lock stock and barrel, 7 X 2000 gallon tanks running at 140 degrees,

    To do a rough job you need four tanks, Two acid, one clean and one sealing,

    Yes Chris, It is Electroplating, Very similar to Chrome Plating,

    Ratman, If you want to do it for fun, well and good, go for it,

    But my original question still stands, why bother when the coloured levers are so cheap,
  9. Re: anodizing leavers

    mate I will be bloody impressed if you manage to build an anodizing rig yourself in your garage for $200 and get any results much less consistent good results. I'll bring you over a slab of jack daniels to celebrate in return for the design specifications of your rig.
  10. Re: anodizing leavers

    I do have a powder coating plant at home here that you could build for $200,
    Just change the powder colour for the colour you need,,
  11. Re: anodizing leavers

    at first I thought he had anodizing confused with powder coating but then he went on about battery acid and a battery charger...
  12. Re: anodizing leavers

    i wasn't just thinking of doing levers it just that levers are a cheap and easy thing to start playing with like most of my bows are allum so i would do them and why do you need 2 acid baths ?
    have a read thought this website it is not as hard as it sounds http://astro.neutral.org/anodise.shtml
  13. Re: anodizing leavers

    Caustic, Sulphuric, Nitric,3 main tanks, I was commercial not Hobby,, Tons of the shit a day,

    It really is nasty stuff to play with, especially when its hot,

    But its good that you are having a go for your self, Keep your self well covered and use full face screen, and gloves, It likes to eat skin,
  14. Re: anodizing leavers

    post pics when your done!
  15. Re: anodizing leavers

    i will just trying to find somebody that will sell me a few L of battery acid

    i just get this wired look at most of the place i have been
    i don't know why maybe becasue i'm a 19 year old male

    i saw a set of carb's done the other day would there have benn anodized or poweder coated?
  16. Re: anodizing leavers

    Playing with acid and chemicals at home without experience seems like a bad idea, its like those people who set up meth labs in their garage, you always hear about them getting blown up.

    if i was you id just buy them, i was looking at some gold stuff for my bike at one point, couldn't find what i wanted so i gave up.

    but if you do try it, make sure you have a well ventilated area and all the necessary things to protect yourself, and have 000 on speed dial.
  17. Re: anodizing leavers

    i will but the 000 part is pretty useless for me becasue all it will do is set off my pager
  18. Re: anodizing leavers

    i got the Sulphuric acid today $6.99 for 1L so should be set up in the next few weeks
  19. Re: anodizing leavers

    Anodised I would say at a rough guess, Anodising, you can see the grain in the aluminium, Its exceptionally thin,

    It looks like its wet with water, But the water is dry, thats the best description I can give you on it, The coloured anodising is the same, It looks like wet coloured water on it, but its dry,

    with powder coating, it has a thick coating on it like paint,

    I dont think a powder coated carb would work as it would fill all the holes with product and the slides just would not fit inside the tubes,

    Where as the anodising wont fill the holes and the slides would work,

    Battery joints will sell you acid, Say its for your batterys,
  20. Re: anodizing leavers

    Anodising is deliberately oxidising the surface of aluminium to produce a certain colour.

    Electroplating deposits a thin bonded metal layer on a surface.

    Powdercoating sprays a powdered polymer on the surface which is set by baking at high temperature to form a solid layer.

    Battery acid may not be concentrated enough for what you want, but is still dangerous. Well ventilated area, nitrile gloves, safety glasses, long sleeve clothing, acid resistant containers.

    Still don't think you will get good results at home.