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Anodising and powder coating

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by ozfz6nguy, Feb 25, 2005.

  1. I have seen a few bikes around with anodised levers, rearsets and the like. I know that these are generally aftermarket components but was wondering if anyone knows of anywhere (Melbourne S.E. suburbs) that can anodise OEM components from a bike. Similarly with powder coating things such as swingarms.


  2. There are alot of powder coaters in and around Dandenong. Look in the Yellow Pages and ring around. They generally charge by weight or mass which ever is the highest.

    As for Anodizing, I'm not really sure. You could try a few Chrome Platers and see if they know anyone local.
  3. yer, dandenong has almost as many powdercoaters and electroplaters as they do cash converters :LOL:

    but seriously, i dont think you can ride more than 5 minutes through the commercial/industrial areas without seeing one. i never knew there was so much of that going on :shock: what ever happened to good old spray paint i ask?????
  4. There are a few anodiser that would be willing to do the work. Electromold are by far the most professional, and they are located up in Thomastown. There are heaps of others, but they are sooo bad at it they couldn't even anodise there own watches.
    They can also electrocoat nickle as well. Be aware that for cast aluminium, anodising does not work very well except for jet black colours. This is due to the cyrstalline nature of cast or forged components. Extruded or machined parts anodise fantastic (Providing the person know what they are doing) as they have a very uniform surface structure.

    See www.electromold.com.au and be amazed.

    I used to sell the anodising dyes and chemicals in a past life.
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