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Anodised bolts

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by oz650r, Nov 7, 2007.

  1. Anyone know where you can get anodised aluminium bolts localy? I want to replace my crank case cover bolts but do not want to pay $60 odd for a so called kit.

  2. hi, i believe there is a hard anodizing place near you but i can't remember the name, not sure on cot though good luck finding it!
  3. just make sure you aren't replacing any bolts that have any structural integrity.

    aluminium socket screws do not have a high tensile rating. sure thy look nice...
  4. G'day triway,

    Saw the TW site but I am not prepared to pay $13 for 4 bolts. If I do not find them at a bolt store I will get my brother to get them in Thailand. They are one of the worlds largest aluminium producers so quality is good and this sort of thing is dirt cheap over there as all the kids hot up their scooters. Honda and Triumph have huge casting plants there and the aftermarket industry is huge.
  5. Call him, and tell him you're a Netrider.
  6. :rofl:
  7. Yeah, call me and tell me your a netrider. I might be able to help.
    What bike is it for? The kit costs vary depending on their contents
    Buying small individual qty's is alway going to be more expensive than buying in bulk.

    Anyway here's the spec.
    They are made from 7075T73 material.
    The tensile strength is quoted as 0-560Mpa (stronger than mild steel) and they are 60% lighter than steel.

    They are not recommended for high stress or safety critical areas.