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Annual Learner Chocolate Run Sun, Sun May 1st 2011

Discussion in 'VIC' started by GreyBM, Apr 15, 2011.

  1. Its on again, folks, the Annual Chocolate Run. This is a ride to the Chocolate Mill (near Hepburn Springs) which is suitable for Learners/New Riders.

    The ride will be about 250-270 km depending on the route which we will finalise on the day, depending on the weather. The ride will be at or below posted speed limits and we will take frequent breaks.

    Meet point is Shell Westgate Citybound (North side) at 9:30 am for a 9:55 briefing and a 10:00 am sharp start. Please be on time.

    The ride will finish officially in Bacchus Marsh about 50 Km from Melbourne an easy 40 min ride down the Western Fwy.

    The roads we will be travelling are mostly easy riding although there will be the occasional tricky corner so riders should ride within their limits. If you can ride at at posted speed limits and corner at advisory speed signs, you will cope easily.

    The area can be wet and cold (perfect for hot chocolate) so dress appropriately.
  2. YYYAAAYYYYYYYYY i lone this ride, it was my first ever NR ride back in '08 on my trusty ZZR250...

    Going to miss it this year... :( have a blast!!

  3. I remember it well, We'll run it for you this year.

    Take care, Mate.
  4. There you are. Chocloate run now has brownyy's offical endorsment. I suspect that means you are allowed to do it naked.
  5. Naked, hungry and cold is the best way to enjoy melted chocolate!! :D
  6. rofl... ooooh I might have to come along! Although a naked, chocolate covered brownie sort of sounds....

  7. Chocolate and a bike ride, perfect.

    Sent from my shed via Tapatalk.
  8. Sign me up!
  9. I thought I wouldn't be able to come due to kid football commitments, but I've just found out they both have a bye that weekend so will be able to come with my 'mentor'!!! Dave, can you let me know where your stops after Todd Rd are planned so we can meet you along the way, please???
  10. These are great days. I would go if I didn't have my sons football on.
  11. Bit tricky at this stage Snowie as I actually have two routes planned, depending on the weather. Once we get a longer term forecast for the day I should be able to give a better idea. Problem is that with Learner runs it can be a bit hard to predict times of arrival as you don't know how fast the group will travel.
  12. Time is no drama Dave ... we don't mind waiting for awhile ... I'll probably need it after getting to wherever the meeting point is ... we can grab a coffee, some food and have several ciggies before we'll start to get pissed off!!! LOL Please note though, that if it is raining, we won't be coming. I'm not nearly confident enough to do long distance wet weather riding yet, but if the forecast is fine, we're happy to meet you any where along the way! Just let me now when you've worked out your route!
  13. pfft ride in all weather! It will do you well in the long term.
  14. As mentioned eariler my first one of these was my first NR ride, it was raining the entire way there, and it was my first wet ride, and first twisties. Twas brilliant, route pace was perfect for everyone, sunny return home. :)

    Don't fear the rain, you and your bike are waterproof. ;)
  15. Date noted. Might come along for some mentoring if I'm free :)

    Assuming you are going the trentham route, noobs will be troubled by two parts - the 60km/h sweepers just passed the big dipper & the 70km/h WRB'd tree lined sweepers not far from Daylesford. Get the 101 stuff under your belt & it will be ok.

    Oh & if Grey plans to do the goat track - it's been resurfaced :) :) still challenging though.

    - - -
    Tapatalking loud, saying somethin'
  16. Miss out on all that chocolaty goodness ... NEVER!

    Count me in Grey. :grin:
  17. My two favourite things - bike riding and chocolate, count me in!!!
  18. I'm a possible. May even get to see Grey, naked covered with chocolate in honor of the almighty Brownny!