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Annual 2010 Pink Ribbon Ride (Vic.)

Discussion in 'VIC' started by streetmaster, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. I will be there with my Daughter this year.............Docklands
  2. I'm considering it too
  3. Oh yay! Can I wear pink, can I, can I??
  4. Oh yay, I have found a pink scarf :D
  5. Maybe it's a good idea to wear pink
    Why don't you wear pink
  6. I'm considering going to this as well. Not sure if my mrs bright pink helmet will fit though. :p

    what sort of numbers does this usually pull?
  7. Hey Streetmaster, can I borrow one of your 56 hot pink shirts ? You can keep the pink kevlars though...
  8. they are expecting as many as 1500.....would be quite a sight!

    EDIT: Hmm, that was a perhaps generous prediction pre the 2009 ride - Im not sure its actually that big. But the weather is looking good, so should be a pretty good turnout.
  9. Hmm, if i can do all the daddy stuff around here today, then I should be allowed 8-[ to come along......

    Ferntree Gully feeder is closest to me.
  10. 1500 would be about right for last year, Point Cook was wall to wall bikes, great turnout.

    I'll be at docklands
  11. Think you've got me mixed up with someone else mate!
  12. wall to wall bikes indeed!

    Attached Files:

  13. It was fun being there. LOTS of nice bikes. Perfect day for such an event

    Link to photos
  14. Was a perfect day for the ride. It's a pity they don't get as many bikes/people as they did a few years ago when it left from buntings burwood as it is such a worthwhile cause.

    Too bad some people ruined the event in previous years.
  15. heheheh ... that pink tutu was a scream! :rofl:
    Brave man.
    Was a perfect day for it. Great pics Curls & Johan.
  16. Did anyone notice this bloke riding without other gear?
    What a laugh...

    I'll have pics up today, didn't get around to it last night.
  17. A few pics of the day.....

    Docklands Feeder Point

    Some familiar faces here...

    Pink the order of the day...

    Orange County Chopper comes to mind

    Hmmm, now who does this belong to??? (Nightowl's idea, happy to oblige... lol)

    Well at least they didn't have a road check set up!

    Amazing no of bikes to admire and look at.
  18. Thanks, Joe! Great pics. :D

    lol!!! Has some fab bags ... figured should also capture this one for posterity. :wink:
  19. And the roar of all those motors caused the crowd to.......clench.

    From inside the bag...
    Alex the Lion: Don't worry Melman, I have a plan to get us rescued.
    Melman the Giraffe: I feel nauseous.

    Posterior posterity Nightowl? :-s