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Annoying things about Shoei helmet

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by kate, Jun 9, 2016.

  1. So I have a brand new Shoei GT-Air. It cost me a pretty penny! It's a great fit for me and very comfortable.

    I used it today and the breath guard doesn't stay in very well. I know it is made to come out an all, but I'm going to end up losing it. As I live in a humid climate, I'd like to keep it in if possible. Is there anything I can do to help it stay in better? I don't really want to resort to gluing my shiny new helmet! Any suggestions?

    Also, the cheek pads are a little bit annoying. They don't impact the fit of the helmet or anything, I am just being fussy. Is there anything I can do to break them in more quickly? or can I simply remove them?
  2. The breath guard shouldn't come out that easy. It certainly doesn't in my Shoei NXR. Do not glue it! If you have any doubts go back to where you bought the helmet from.

    The helmet should be pretty tight especially around the cheeks and especially when new. Over time the helmet will become more comfortable but it should remain reasonably tight.
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  3. Helmets are a shut up and suffer for a few weeks thing. You could take it on and off a lot sitting at home. Is the breath guard for fogging? Surely a pinlock is available; they're much better.
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  4. I recently bought a new GT-Air too. I find that with the chin curtain in, even with a pinlock, that I get some fogging. This seems probably due to lower airflow from underneath.
  5. I would check whether you have got a faulty helmet. Breath guard on mine never been a problem. Should just click up and down.
    The cheek pads are a pain, I recon I looked like a chipmunks for the first 6 months (I'm not a daily commuter) but perfect now!
    For fog use something called " cat crap" it works a treat and will last forever ...

    Cat Crap Visor Anti-fog
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  6. The pin lock should not have any gap at the edge, there is an adjustment in the pins like a cam that changes the pressure it applies. The shops have a way to do this easier
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  7. It's not bad is it. My helmet visor doesn't have a pin-lock option (which is infinitely preferable) so I've used this in the past.

    The catchy name gets people's attention. I was talking about visor fogging with a work colleague and said something like, "I've been using Cat Crap...you really have to polish it in well otherwise it leaves a visible smear on the visor...". He nodded and agreed solemnly. The look on the other people's faces who were in the room...
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  8. Have had many Shoei lids and the breath guards have never come off. With the anti-fog pinlock's I have yet to experience a fogged up visor ;)
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  10. Have a Shoei GT-Air as well and I use the breathguard as well as pinlock, never have issues of it coming out or fogging up the visor.
  11. I've got a NXR, it's a real struggle to take the guard off. Also, that and the pinlock, never had any fogging at all.
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  12. GalexGalex If you're experiencing fogging the pinlock isn't in correctly. I haven't encountered a correctly installed one that fogs. Check for gaps in the seal. Adjust the pins if needed. If necessary take back to retailer and get them to fit it properly. I will never have a helmet without pinlock again, it works so well that I can't understand why it isn't standard procedure on all helmets.

    katekate i just threw a pile of money at a GT air as well, and the breath guard in mine can fall out if I hold the helmet upside down. Im thinking maybe some thin double sided tape and a 1mm thick strip of foam or rubber along it will help it wedge into the housing a little tighter. I don't know if it's for anti fog or whatever, but i think the helmet looks a lot neater with it installed.

    Apart from this minor issue, I absolutely can not fault the helmet, it's quiet enough if I duck down behind the windscreen, it's light enough, it looks beautiful, and I finally feel like I own a helmet that fits like a helmet should.
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  13. I have a Shoei Neotec, which uses the same visor, and it never fogs.

    My glasses on the other hand..... Geez!
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  14. I've been thinking about a pinlock, but your example above stops me from the purchase. No use having a clear visor if my glasses are fogged up! I just have to keep playing the how much do I need the visor cracked open game I think.
  15. I know they make prescription goggles for dirtbike riding, not over glasses but the goggle lens are prescription, I don't know if there double layer though. I am kinda surprised there isn't double layer prescription glasses to stop fogging. Maybe they would have to seal on the face to work. I have mates who ride with glasses but never thought about them fogging.They all wear flip lid helmets though. There must be a big market for a fix for this.
  16. As a side note, I have Shoei XR1100 with pinlock lense and just got a new Shark Speed R helmet the other day - have yet to rid with it and will be testing the anti fog pinlock on Sunday morning.

    Does the GT-Air have an indentation in the lens area where the pinlock internal visor fits into? The Shark has (old XR1100 just a flat surface lens with the pinlock ontop) and I thought that rather nifty.
  17. I have a SHOEI helmet and the visor never fogs unless the anti fog lens isn't inserted.

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  18. Please let me know how you go with the Shark Speed R.
    I currently use an XR1100 that was my brothers and is getting a little old.
    Lucky we have the same size head as it's been great to borrow for the short term.
    I've been looking at either the Shark Speed/Vision R or the GT-Air.
    Undecided between the two.

  19. Will do. Happy so far.

  20. Cat crap on both...