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Annoying mail problem solved; no thanks to Microsoft

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Nov 17, 2008.

  1. For a long while now I've been receiving three copies of every notification from Netrider mail. Identical. Same date/time stamp.

    Microsoft says, adjust your firewall.

    Microsoft says, disable your anti-virus email scanning.

    Yeah, right.

    I fixed it, all by myself.

    My outlook.pst file is now some years old, ported through various computers to this present one. How many email 'rules' do you think I have? That's right, dozens of them, including 11 (!) for Netrider notifications alone.

    I deleted every duplicate rule, closed outlook, re-booted the computer, opened outlook and waited for my first Netrider notification.

    IT arrived soon after. And only one has been arriving since.

    Happy happy.....
  2. How was your inability to maintain your filtering rules that you set up YOURSELF somehow Microsoft's problem?? You'd have the same problem in any email client if you continue to create filtering rules and don't maintain them as you keep importing them from one new installation to another :roll:
  3. Hmm. Must be "Harsh Week"

    (tm: aus.motorcycles).
  4. +1 :LOL: C'mon Paul, who's to blame here? ;)
  5. Yup, gotta love the old 'It's always MS problem'. Same as with the other thread on iPods.

    Come on guys, most of us here are IT nerds in some way, let's look a bit closer to home and not blame the traditonal targets.

    Anyhow Paul, glad you got it sorted.
  6. WTH is a netrider notification?
  7. only the cool kids get them, lets us know where the illeagal street races are gonna be held ect ect
  8. Clearly it *is* a Microsoft error. If it were Evolution the rules would not have worked in the first place and only one email would have been received.

    Despite this I still use Evolution.
  9. HTF did you know that? We specifically set them so you didn't get them. Bugger, we're going to have to do something else now.
  10. Not sure why you expected to get any support from Microsoft in the first place, the beauty of open source is that you don't have to pay not to get support. :grin:
  11. :shock: :eek: More Coffee nights?
  12. i think microsoft mustve stuffed up, because im also getting your emails.

    ...btw your phone bill is due

    if anyone wants to know where the next illeagal street race is being held its Thursday night at 7:30pm at the shell near the westgate :wink:
  13. Misunderstanding here.

    I was not blaming Microsoft for a problem which I clearly manufactured myself.

    But I AM critical of the fact that nowhere in their huge FAQ archive was the fix that I discovered, mentioned. And the 'multiple email' problem figures prominently in problems posted by users. Surely someone had found this simple fix, and was prepared to post it?? Apparently not...
  14. did you post it? :roll:

    seriously in my work i find problems every week that microsoft dont have on their site. as would most Techies. but I cbf writing a doco and email into microsoft.

    their knowlege base is comprehensive, however clearly not as comprehensive as the flaws in their programs :grin: having said that i havent found too many of their solutions actually helpfull
  15. "did you post it?"

    I wouldn't know how :oops: :LOL:
  16. It's an interesting point. You search for a problem to do with OSS and you get a bajillion google hits. You google for a M$ related problem and you usually get pointed towards technet... which I find very lacking for useful and current content.
  17. hehe neither would i

    but you must know by now that if you post any sort of whinge on NR people jump all over you... lol
  18. Absolutely, default setting.

    I actually posted this thread in the hope that it might be helpful to others suffering the same weird Outlook behaviour, and not getting an answer elsewhere, I'm such a philanthropic soul, you know :LOL:.