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Annoyed Drivers.

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by modern_ninja, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. In the hills on a ride, i'm riding TEC and i'm an L-plater... Anyway, got a porsche come up behind me and i've got a unrestricted super experienced rider directly in front of me on a bandit 1200S (we'll call him manbike for the sake of this post :D) and then a really timid girl in front of him.

    So there is three of us putting along at 70 - 80 in this 100 zone. The road we are on is one of the best in SA and has some very nice high speed corners. I'm assuming the dude in the porsche was there for the same reason we were, a nice cruise on a good road. Only problem: double yellow lines.

    Anyway, porsche dude is way to close to me, like i can see the badge, but not his headlights to either side so what he's about is clear and I slow down to put a bit of space between me and manbike in front of me (and the timid girl in front of him). I feel as TEC its kinda my duty to keep dickwads off the tails of the newer riders in the group I was in.

    Brake checked him a couple of times and he backed off.

    Anyway, came to a gentle right hander that goes into a slight uphill with a blind left hander. Just after the apex on the right hander, the porsche hits it and gets on the wrong side of the road. Here I am thinking, oh shit the dudes gona get halfway through and barge in either right behind or right in front of the timid rider... OR crash head on into an on coming car.

    He gets halfway out, sees the road, sees three of us and sharply pulls back in. We turn off a little while later and mr porsche was well behaved. Apparently the corner marshall said that he was waving around and yelling on his way past... :D None too happy apparently. But I thought it was a good result. Pissed off a yuppie in a porsche and the timid girl was never the wiser and had a great ride. Fellow on the manbike did comment that i did well.

    Next commuting home today, pulled up at the lights. Poor lady is stuck in a petrol station trying to get across two lanes of extremely busy traffic. Looks unlikely she'll be moving anytime in the next 1/2 hour. So I decide, i'll stay put and let her in. Light goes green, I stay where I am...


    Bugger in the merc behind me is on the horn and his bumper is real close... Clearly he's not seen me sitting there leaning on the back brake and just assumed green light, time to go and didn't even look.

    So i'm a bit flustered and I go to takeoff but realize i'm in neutral. Meanwhile, another guy in a 4wd is now waiting to get in. I try to look supremely cool and nod him into the lane whilst shifting into 1st. Dude in the 4wd gives me a great big "thanks buddy" out the window.

    Guy in the merc was seriously pissed.


    I've had a good couple of days :D

  2. I dunno anything about TEC'ing, but it sounds to me like you did exactly as you should have, for EXACTLY the right reason.
    Nice one (y)
  3. Nice work. Good on you for keeping your cool.

    Just one question..... What is it with you and German cars? :D
  4. I think i know what i'm going to do next time i'm sitting at the lights (just gone green) and a driver behind me hits their horn.. :p
  5. So in the first story you are riding 30ks under the limit holding up others and surprise they get a bit pissed off and in the second story you again block the flow of traffic so someone can cross 2 lanes and again you piss of someone behind you.Try this one,I am following a car this morning,he is being a bit erratic so I am watch him hard,he approaches a left turn as a jogger comes up the road and suddenly stops halfway through the turn to let the jogger cross the road in front of him blocking most of the road in front of me,what I am getting at is getting in the way of the smooth flow of traffic or stopping unexpectedly to give way when you are not lawfully supposed to can be a dangerous move,
    it is possible to be to nice
  6. With the greatest of respect, wouldnt the done thing have been when you are significantly slower, to pull over and let others pass? Given that would also mitigate any frustration as well. Seems to me like letting the faster vehicles pass would have been the wiser option. 70-80 in a 100 zone with cars coming up behind is just dangerous. Suggests the rider was on a road she shouldn't have been on for her experience, and barring that, mindful that she was significantly slower than other vehicles.

    2nd story... Dont do it. The number of accidents that happen because of that is ridiculous. It goes against the flow of traffic, and what people are expecting. It is setting traffic up for an accident. Don't be nice - drive to the road rules and keep a predictable pattern going. Especially where it involves multiple lanes of traffic.

    edit: you are from adelaide... explains a lot given the way they act when when over here (i.e. no f!@#ing clue how to drive in the city). Including the half of my family that live there.
  7. You were in the wrong with the Porsche.
  8. And look buddy, I gave it two coats of paint like you asked, but just so you know, it's not a Porch, it's a Ferrari...
  9. Gotta look after your learners and new riders. Not compulsory to do the speed limit.
    I'm never surprised by how bad mannered drivers can be.
  10. if the porsche was quick enough, he would've overtaken all 3 in one go, problem solved.
  11. am i the only one who finds it odd an l-plater is running sweep?
  12. He was displaying an L plate, the driver behind should be considerate of that. He was riding his own ride through some twisty roads, while also keeping the safety of the rider in front (timid girl) in mind. He was mindful of his speed and while I don't know the road, it's likely there was no earlier opportunity to let the porsche past.

    As for the second part, it's not really interrupting flow of traffic if he was originally stopped waiting for some lights.
  13. Bull-****ing-shit. Wobbling around doing 70 in a 100 zone and then posting up a thread laughing at the frustrated and angry driver stuck behind this slow moving circus is ridiculous. How much space does a bike need to move over and let a car by? Not much. If this was the other way around, with the Porsche holding bikes up we'd have different replies.
  14. It is rude to hold other vehicles up. I'd consider the slower vehicle not pulling over to let others past as the bad mannered bit. It is good etiquette. Just like in golf, letting a quicker group play through.

    If you can't keep up with the flow of traffic, then pull over and let others past. Just because you are on a gentle sunday stroll, doesn't mean others are.

    Not only that, by not pulling over you are putting yourselves at unnecessary risk by infuriating and frustrating other drivers.
  15. +1 Didn't need to say much more.

    Why the hell are they out on a road that the rider isn't comfortable handling at suitable speeds?

    As said... south aussie plates... when you see them get as far away as possible.
  16. Because any other road than a freeway or Hwy is 50 KPH,
  17. I take it you were experienced on Hwys as soon as you got your learners,

    All roads in Victoria are 50 KPH Max, Unless you are on a Freeway or Hwy,

    There is no provision, Car or Bike to adjust to these higher speeds,

    So get out on a Hwy or Freeway and learn.
  18. There are plenty of roads that aren't 50 or 100. Aside from that, choose roads where there are ample overtaking opportunities for following vehicles.

    Barring that being an option, pull the hell over and let others pass.

    You missed the "unless otherwise signposted". Has nothing to do with freeway or highway. Lots of non freeways/highways aren't 50.
  19. +1 (No matter what the L is stuck to. There for a reason.)
  20. So here is my L plater story,2 years in a row coming back to Sydney from the snow in school holidays I have struck an L plater in full size 4 wheel drives in the single lane section heading to Cooma,thats a good 100ks with hardly any overtaking spots and lots of cars coming the other way.So a huge que forms behind the L plater limited to under 80 in a 100 zone,limiting them to 80 is stupid enough.We pass lots of spots for the so called experianced full licanse holder next to the learner to pull over and let the dozens of held up cars to pass safely,not a chance of this crossing there mind.So time after time angry argresive passes are made,just so stupid and unnesasary.