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Announcing my presence

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by cardinal, Mar 7, 2007.

  1. Truth be known, I’m having real problems riding which may explain why I’m lurking on netrider so often and the mighty GPX 250 gathers dust under the car porch.

    I had been loving the thrill my Learner’s permit provided. I was reliving a misspent youth spent riding to the Private Bin nightclub in Canberra on Kwakas but this time I thought I was in control rather than merely being a pillion.

    My problems started when I dropped my bike for the first time. I had sworn that it would never happen to me if had anything to do with it. I’m a careful, cautious Learner of a rider who treats his life and the roads with respect (BMW here I come?). Inexperienced sure, but I’ve generally done the right things, read the theory, done all the courses and practiced with and learnt from the right mentors. And that’s when my skills failed! It was the best emergency braking you ever did see but so quick that I forgot that to stay upright a rider should at least place a foot on the ground. Better on a P’s test than on the road they tell me.

    I did not think that my confidence would be the least bit dented from the 0km per hour spill (unlike my shattered GPX clutch lever). It took a couple of weeks for the new lever to arrive. But during that time, like many a rider after an off, I had started to dwell on my actions. I was not helped by a fraying clutch cable that meant additional delays and more time for soul searching. My doubts are all-consuming now and I just don’t know whether I can mix it up on the road again. I seem to have seriously lost my keys and am beginning to lose hope of finding them.
  2. Fix the lever and the cable, get back on it, and ride it. this time pay attention to what you are doing, and you will soon realise what you could have missed, if you fail to find those keys.
  3. Dont let fear hold you back! Gotta get back on the horse, or bike in this case....

    Lot of bikers have had injuries and still got back on cause its what they love! With your confidence built back up, you'll love it too and wonder why it took you so long to get back on! :wink:
  4. And the Bin???? I'm not even going to comment on that one!! :LOL:
  5. Welcome, gotta make your own call on whether you want the lifestyle, but i wouldn't give in or get overwhelmed, just get back on an practice.
    Good luck and stay safe.
  6. Here's the Hornet rule, for what it's worth.

    If you have an off and you can identify why it happened, then you can work on and apply the remedy. No reason to stop.

    If you have an off and you CAN'T identify the reason, you need to de-brief it with an experienced and trusted mentor, because there is ALWAYS a reason, and if you can find it, you can fix it. Still no reason the stop.

    Finally, if you can walk past the bike in the garage and hear it crying because it's not being loved, then you won't be able to put out the fire. get back on it and make it happy....
  7. it's not good for bikes to sit for a long time without being ridden. You need to give it at least a light run to get the fluids flowing through it. otherwise you'll have to drain the tank and you don't want that hassle.
  8. welcome to netrider cardinal, try to make it to a coffee meet which are held fortnightly at cafe della in garema place meet a couple of the other canberra members, there are always people up for a ride if you feel the need for someone to follow you around, to get your confidence back up

    we will all eventually drop our bikes unfortunately, mine happened on sunday, same thing emergency break didnt get foot down in time, but was on the road

    anyway good luck with it all
  9. i too dropped my bike shortly after getting it. i was on the ride - but it was a v--e--r--y slow drop. i also lost confidence.

    but i started going to coffee nights (ok, in my car, i admit it :? ) to meet people. and found them so friendly and helpful with offers to accompany on my rides.

    i have found riding in company has helped my confidence. and i also do short 5 minute rides by myself, which has made the mental concern about riding out of my own driveway much less.

    keep going, like me u'll get there.... :)
  10. Thanks for the support. While my ego was slightly bruised in reality my confidence to get back on the bike ain't too bad - in fact my fall was a really good lesson against complacency not to mention an indication of how quick an accident can happen.

    It's the keys that I'm really starting to dwell on. I was suspicious that I'd misplaced them in a 'safe spot' but I thought I would find them. But now it's getting ridiculous the sheer hours I'm having to look for them. I've gone over the house and bugger me where they could be. I actually had anticipated this problem but the three keys I had cut are too thick apparently so I’m stuck.

    Will have to get a locksmith out I think. Now if only I had a good quality hacksaw for the disc lock…..

  11. hey send me a pm with your details i will take a look at the keys you have had cut if you want see if i can get them working for you...

    ps i am a locksmith
  12. Don't recall this happening with the car.

    Step 1. Speak with kindly qbnspeedfreak who offers sound locksmith advice;

    Step 2. Decide that I'll use the angle grinder myself to make my duplicate keys thinner;

    Step 3. Check to see if bike will start with my now rather interesting looking key;

    Step 4. Battery seems ok and after briefly failing to turn over we have success - warm engine up;

    Step 5. Apply angle grinder to disc lock being careful not to hack disc brake - lots of work but possible;

    Step 6. Go for a quick fang for the first time in a few weeks (tyres did need some air); and

    Step 7. Hope that I'm not posting about sub standard keys wrecking my ignition in a month due to impatience and get remaing 2 duplicates grinded professionally
  13. oh well good work mate, hope to catch with with you on a ride soon
  14. Excellent steps, Cardinal! Just keep getting out there. The more positive experiences you have the more your little fall will become just a bit of your past. I'm guessing it was particularly hard because it was so early on and you've had time to think. So stop thinking and get out there!