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anniversary_ramblings [looong]

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by FormerUser1, Jan 13, 2005.

  1. NetRider was still some time off….but there was AusMoto on Usenet and rides were posted occasionally in/ around Sydney.
    Lurking for a while I decided to post a local ride, contacting a couple of people I knew, making sure of a non-turnout being not too embarrassing in the promised “ride-report”. :)
    A small group went into the hills in the East, another ride followed, this time with Kitzo (Vic), damige (Rupert) and a few others.
    Rolling into 2000 and posting another ride, only a single soul turned up in the pouring rain, on a brandnew Viffer800….Jason! 8)
    We skipped the ride and went to our place instead, for a few hours of coffee and bike-stories.

    Mick_G, Mark_Across, Larrikin, Vic, CBC (Jaz) and some earlier faces showed for the next few rides…Arthur’s Seat/ Reefton/ Myers Creek-Chum Creek Rds/Kinglake/Yea/Flowerdale/ Walhalla/Skyline Rd and many more….
    Cat and Dale,Warren_Pegaso, Wayne_TDM and many others came along.
    Dave_ Mountainhitter got his name whacking his just-bought GSX750F into the high bank at Donna Buang…
    Warren and I chased each other for 40km up Mt. BawBaw, gravel and all and through the vacant tollbooth-driveway with 2 feet of distance between the 2 Pegasos…
    A solid 30 mins of being close enough to grab the others jacket…whoever was up front at the time…stupid and dangerous and we agreed to never do it again….but SHIT, it was a rush !!!
    Goodie decked her Pegaso at the same spot (Cockatoo-roundabout) she’d decked the R80 2 years earlier... :?
    Smee dumped the “ugly duckling” CD250 in a culvert at the Black Spur…and the “SPUD” was born!! (The clumps of dirt clinging to the bike after the recovery revealed a spud; God knows how it got there).

    Somehow the first multi-day trip came into existence…the original 6_peaks in 2001. It started with a wedding of 2 of the participants (Graham and Joy) who decided at the last second to rather take the Patrol 4WD and play backup-vehicle).

    There was heavy snow on the way down from Falls Creek. Dave_Mountainhitter on his NEW GSX750F hit the deck as I watched my mirrors in fear of getting collected from behind as I was sliding right across the other lane in a lefthander…. totally forgetting Warren who’d left a few seconds ahead of the pack and unbeknownst to anyone had dumped his Pegaso in a drainage-ditch 3 bends ahead of us.
    People struggled to not hit each other in the ensuing chaos …while trying frantically to stay upright AND on the road somehow…then the collective decided to make a run across Mt. Hotham to Omeo 2 hours later, despite the still black skies.
    And Jeez, did we cop it !!!
    Icicles growing out of nose and mouth and hanging off the helmet-chin piece.
    David Cooper (Latte-Express) didn’t have enough hands and fingers to wipe visor AND glasses, inside AND out, simultaneously… He followed the tail-lights of the 4WD. Pillion Janet quit her place and sought the warmth of the cage.
    Everyone had 5cm thick ice-caps covering the knees, chests covered in shields of ice ….and then the rain started.
    Clothes/gloves and boots were dried in the oven/ microwaves and any other available heat source that night.
    The next morning we lost the Latte-Express in Omeo on the way out…he didn’t get his coffee/ thermos organized in time …
    Mick_G and Danny (Trumpy 600) cracked the shits, Graham in the 4WD had given them a run-for-the-money up Tawonga Gap :) :)

    Later in the year it was 8-days of twisties through the Snowies…the 6_peaks#2. Again the embroidery on the tour- T-shirts proclaimed : Survivor of the 6_peaks…. And snow again, this time up at Lake Mountain. CBC had finally swapped that rotten SRX 250 for a ZZR250.

    The group of 5 bikes following each other like a snake through the twisties between Mansfield and Whitfield will never leave me…. just like the 2 Acrosses with folded-over/ grown-into-the-frame- figures of Mick_G and Mark burning rubber up Mt. Buffalo. A later ride saw the pair of 6-ft-skinnies of Mick_G and Marty_H thrashing the living crap out of those amazing 250s from dawn to dusk for day after day…never seen a pair like that again.

    Who can forget the disastrous GOR weekend when a ZZR lost its chain due to bad maintenance, another “I’ll catch up with you that night” rider (Greg?) hit the signpost through target-fixation in the dark around Lavers Hill, then Warren and I coming off the following day on the return trip, Warren with getting someone’s extra-luggage-sleeping-bag caught and jammed in the rear wheel…6 broken ribs… and myself tired and thoughtless, slow with picking my line through a gravelly righthander, drifting off the road, nearly making it back, then the right footpeg digs through the boot as bike and I go down…8 fractures in the foot.

    Another Grampians weekend, stinking hot, Latte-Express and I swapping bikes and me nearly riding his CBR600 into a wallaby on the way out of Halls Gap.
    Another “newbie” on a Zeal decking it at the lookout above town…and shrugging it off like it didn’t happen (works in London now, just clocked 70.000km on his GS1150).

    Another T-shirt proclaims the Beef’n Reef 2002…another great ride, this time introducing Gary_Pegaso and Tim_Hobart, my Pegaso shits itself on the first day (had to limp back home 350km to get the Bandit), shredded tyres galore and an incredibly accurate meet up with Nev coming from Melbourne to join up.
    Guided by Ben (BTH, local Canberrean) we swooped through a dropping-off double-apex leftie, then hit the Cotter Dam Rd. intersection, waiting for the rest to catch up….3 seconds later Nev's Budgie with full panniers/topbox appears over the crest to the left, 3 km from the planned/ hoped for meet at the Cotter Dam Pub. Ben had organized for the ”matron” to open the pub just for us…on her usual day-off.
    Well…a dozen steaks later and after some previous ribbing in the newsgroup <<me: Canberra being the capital of filth>> BTH presents me with a little “momento”…
    A nicely wrapped (brown paper-bag) p0rn-video out of the bargain-bin.
    The birth of Papagalli !! Sometimes the name still sticks :) :)

    Other snapshots are the VFR8 with Staintunes turned towards the entrance of the looooong tunnel of Tumut2 Power Station in the Snowies, revving the crap out of it, and then running away from the echo…
    Tim and Gary racing each other whenever some dirt is in sight…Tim decking it close to “the void” up at Charlotte’s Pass (Snowies), limping around with a balloon for a foot for the rest of the days….then Gary throwing the Pegaso away on the Jamieson-Eildon leg.
    Or the dinghy-trip on Lake Jindabyne, getting the shopping and grog for the night…

    Another day-ride a few weeks later with a larger group…to Strathbogie, where Gary drops his leathers on Main Street for some famous photo-shots of the “concrete-sheep”-memorial (area used to live of Merinos)…. right across from the bridesmaids and about 25 guests of a local wedding…

    :D :D

    Paul (Drizzt) on the Pegaso after hesitantly passing his prized TLR over to me…after he had that slide between Cassilis and Swifts Creek and wrenched his knee… Gosh…riding the Peg back to Melbourne must’ve hurt him far more, hehe.

    By then, the birth of NetRider was long past, Vic roared his heart out on the “modded” SP1, Larrikin had given up on the Harley and was back to his usual wheelie-ing self and the then just-released Kilo-Gixxer.
    On the Princess Hwy near Trafalgar… still 3ft off the ground at 210, which was when the GSXR just ran away from the Bandit12…on one wheel, too…

    Stef coming across from Adelaide for a long weekend of Bright/Hotham/Dargo, riding the XT600 for 500km in one stretch, then not walk/stand/sit/lay down for the next few days due to a sore arse (wife must’ve wondered what the hell he’d been up to in Melbourne that weekend, :D :D ).
    Mike O’Connor staying behind in Bright with a seized top-end on the R100RS was a sad moment…but it was the last day and we had to get home. (The RACV truck picking him up was even quicker in the end)

    A couple of Tassie trips in between, then the next biggie, the BananaRama.
    Shipping the bikes to Brisbane, then flying after them a few days later…for 2 weeks of riding back to Melbourne. Made 5000km out of that one, hardly saw a straight piece of road. :)
    The cat-sized Quoll at the remote Lookout along the Gwydir Hwy was a gem, so was the first aid on Guenther’s knee using “the one with the wings”, that one of the girls had handy.
    He wore it like a trophy.
    The road to Jenolan Caves in the thick fog was a challenge…so was the task of getting mountains of 20c pieces for the clothes-dryer at the Caravan Park after we copped the thunderstorm in Murwillumbah and the water ran out the top of the wet-gear.

    Watching Nige and Guenther catching eel at the creek beside the CP at Gloucester…then spoiling the steaks on the BBQ by whacking the eels onto the hotplate.
    The realization that duct-tape can fix just about anything while on-the-road.
    Hold floppy mirrors/ holds fairings together…and combined with sanity-pads makes a great compression bandage with a free waxing thrown in for zilch. :D

    The stamina of John to ride the R1 packed to the gills with 2-weeks worth of gear plus camping stuff….and still riding as smoothly and quickly as ever. The dry and quick wit are also something else.
    Sasha doing 5000km on the little ZZR, which was packed to way beyond the gunwales.
    Her laying under the bike with her back wedged against an oil-rack at a servo on the New England Hwy…oil and water on smooth concrete.

    For the first time the tour-T-shirt wasn’t black anymore, the light gray was swapped for the dark-gray of the 6_peaks#3.

    Some of the “old hands” were back, plus Tim on the GSXR1000/ Clayton on the old 900Trumpy, Tim_Hobart now aboard a CapoNord and Tassie_Dave on the Tiger together with Swoopy (Chris) on the ZX6.

    A rather biggish group of 15 went for 8 days of fun through the Snowies.
    The whooping and backslapping after the run from Mt. Beauty up Tawonga Gap to the lookout was something else…what a ride.
    3000or so km later and all grins stitched together would’ve spanned the Westgate-Bridge…with the bitter pill of Suzie at the Traralgon hospital for a ruptured spleen after coming off the road in a double-apex-leftie just out of Buchan on day 2.

    She healed fine and the pics of Gary and I sorting through her clothes in Buchan Main Street deciding on which stuff she’d need in Hospital are ….classified !! :D
    The ZR7 was totaled though.

    Still in mind is also the judicious use of Tim’s Latex-gloves (“I wear them for on-the-road repairs, honest”) on Gary for a mock-inspection of the family’s jewels during a night of beers and laughs…the Proctologist struck again. :) :)

    There it is…. my 5 years of AusMoto/ NetRider rides.
    5 years of the good life of bikes and friends.
    5 years of laugh-till-it-hurts.
    5 years worth of trips and enough mileage to write-off more than one solid bike on wear alone…
    5 years of adventure, thrills (and spills) that the majority out there couldn’t pack into 25 (years)…

    To all who were there (and got a wardrobe full of useless, mainly black T-shirts now):

  2. God..that was such a ride down memory lane Pete.. I had no idea I had been around so long! :D :D :D

    I remember the day I asked for help with my SRX and turned up to a "bike night" at your place with it! I can just remember Kitzo's SP1 and Drizzt TLR dwarfing my sad little bike, LOL. You guys were so good to me and taught me so much..although I thought the Karcher would take apart the SRX!!! :shock:

    I remember that first ride.. with Damige in the car, cos it was wet and he thought no one would turn up! We all did though.. just like the time I posted a ride to Mt Donna and turned up in the car cos it was POURING down.. and there was 12 people on that ride that ended up like drowned rats! I dont think I lived that down! :oops: :D

    Some of the best and worst time.. mostly THE BEST.. you are one hell of a tour guide and a great guy.. the best organized in the world! LOL. I can never remember half the places you took us, but we always had a laugh and the best time.. the Toowonga Gap, the Omeo Road.. it was always a blast!

    I so have to catch up with you soon! Need to reserve a spot on one of your tours :D
  3. I remember dumping the spud in that dich like it was yesterday.
    I also remember you turning up the next week on another ride to arthurs seat and you handed me a potato hence the spud award:)
    One thing I learned with my off was to get back and and ride the fcuker again .

  4. Do you recall leaving your backpack at the top of Arthurs seat Niko?
  5. Seems that there is a gold-mine of history in Netrider. You should document all that (and more - there's always more) - its part of where Netrider started and will make even better reading in 10 years than it does now.

    Makes me wish I'd gotten into biking sooner.
  6. That one of Gary is PURE blackmail material...
  7.  Top
  8. Seems that there is a gold-mine of history in Netrider.

    There sure is :)

    You should document all that.

    Way too much stuff for that...it'd be a book...no shit.

    Makes me wish I'd gotten into biking sooner.

    naw, you'll collect your own stuff over time
  9. 1) ...so did I :D it looked like it was held together by copious amounts of chain-lube-goo :)

    Some people dropped out of the 6_peaks#1 which left me stranded with 3 extra T-shirts... fell over the whole stack of Tour-shirts last night which triggered the post :)
    Ever since it's a continuously growing list of mental snapshots...I should write them down.
    Last night of the 6_peaks#2 (after a week in the Snowies) the question comes up "what was the best piece of road to you?"
    Mark_Across's reply into a waiting audience..."you remember that bend..." had us all in stitches (which one of last the 5000, mate?).

    The day on the Tassie North Coast when the Pegaso had a flat and the CO-cartridges proved way past due-by-date...found a local with a ute and a farm 10km further out. Loaded up the Peg onto the Toyota, only had thin flower-string as tiedowns, so Ingo decides to sit on the bike on the ute.
    Zack, the local, starts off forgetting about his load, Ingo slipped off the bike and went tits-over-arse over the sidewall of the ute...the string held, though... :D

    After swapping his Peg with Stefs CBR1000... Gary chased me up Mt. Buffalo...and didn't make one of the hairpins...ran wide on a narrow ridge of dirt into an old , overgrown gravel-pit-area, bruising his balls when the front wheel buried itself in a pile of 1/4 inch gravel to a sudden stop...the bike stayed upright :D :D jeez, he was pale till lunchtime :)

    The 3 big singles (Pegaso/Dominator/ XT600) going at it hammer and tongs, occupying not more than 8 metres of road-length for the run from Mole Creek to the Roadhouse near Cradle Mountain (Tassie, sweet tight stuff ONLY for about 40km). Loaded to the max with camping-gear, too...

    Goodie blasting past the whole group on the 6_peaks#3...showing the birdie to all as she went...then slowed down when at the front, everyone went past, returned the birdie...later realizing she'd run out of fuel right there and then... :)

    Rupert forever fiddling on that KR-1, you'd never know when he decided to turn back home...barely ever completing a ride.
    But when he was going...he was flying :)

    Clayton on the 6_peaks #3 with the camera peeking out of the gearsack...and everyone jostling for "pole-position" behind him, nearly shooting each other off the road in the process...

    Nigel's $2.95 beeper that he stuck to Swoopy's ZX6 on the Kiandra-Khancoban Rd at some Lookout...Swoop determind that there was NOTHING wrong with his bike and happy to ride off with the beeper going spastic :)

    Me being on Mick_G's back to make CERTAIN of spare fuel for the Across to cover the longer stretches...then stranding myself on the Peg.
    Mick came to the rescue :D :D

    The fuel-conservation run from Ginger's Creek Roadhouse (broken bowser pump) back to Walcha on the BananaRama....and the different styles of how every-one wanted to avoid walking the rest of the way....hilarious.

    Perhaps I should sit down for a few months and write it all down...only to miss out on the next batch of rides? No way !!!
  10. http://allen.dnsalias.net/photoalbums/view_album.php?set_albumName=6Peaks2001

    I was sooo dissappointed when my grandmother died a week or so before the ride and I had to pull out too :(

    In 2002 ... January or December?


    And the BIGGEST THANK_YOU would go to you Pete for organising many of those terrific memories, and bringing them all back to life here and now. Just what a gimp needs when he can't ride again for another 2-3 months :) I'll read this post many times during that time, turn of teh fan in front of me, and close my eye's and relive the riding through many many memorable days and the fun times had at night. MMMMMmmmm, even those dinner platters Gary and I made one night during Beef 'n' Reef :)

    Another good memory is an Oct 2002 Netrider ride I posted, and had 44 bikes turn-out. It was a good ride though and one hell of an experience to lead that many through the Sth Gippsland area :) http://allen.dnsalias.net/photoalbums/view_album.php?set_albumName=6Oct02Netride
  12. Some fantastic memories of those rides, mostly the day rides for me! But the thing that stands out most is the friendships and the support throughout the group :D

    Thanks for some great rides everyone and here's to lots more! :D :D :D
  13. ahhh the memories, i really should of got an Ambulance, would of been alot less pain free and you get quicker service when going into hospital, not the 4 hr wait that had to be endured :(
  14. Remember the ride that attracted 54 bikes that started at the K-Mart carpark on the Hume hwy at Campberfield?

    That was the muther of all netrides.

    Must get bike, must get bike, must get bike.......
    reality check........must fix shoulder, must fix shoulder.....

    Bastard body!!!!!
  15. Sheesh.. I remember that.. not quite as painful as I thought until people got lost! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  16. LOL
    Shit that was a moment. Had to turn back from near flinders and ride the rings off that CD250 all the way back to the top of arthurs seat:)
    Backpack was where I left it still intact and untouched.
    Only time I ever hit 150 on that bike.
    (was a downhill stretch and there was a tailwind)
  17. I think i went on that ride, did bout 3/4 of it.. did not think there would be many people there, what a surprise I got when i turned up.. dont thnk i would do it again tho, corner marking throughout the day for so many bikes is hard work ;)