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Anniversaries - How many have you?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Brian26146, Apr 9, 2005.

  1. Especially for the OFARC club, but anyone else of course.

    How many wedding anniversaries have you notched up?

    Defacto's can count as well. (Politically correct you see)


  2. 22nd went past on Feb 19

    Hopefully another 22 to go (at least)

  3. 3 days ago for my 2nd.
  4. been sentanced for 12 years last december
  5. 13 at this stage anyways
  6. 10 years last year
  7. Hahaha .... you did well to hold out that long Nick :) ;)
  8. Believe it or not it gets better:)
    Less than a month to go for bubs and I may revisit this comment:)
  9. Yup, that's my expectation :)
  10. mine

    Just passed 38th yesterday.

    (Wouldnt have got that for murder)

    Just kidding, not too bad.
  11. I made it to 1, then a grew a brain and cut it before no.2 happened :p
  12. Crazy people!!!!!

  13. Well, if the ex "Mr ZZR" came from "Butt F@#k Idaho" I'm not surprised :shock: :) :D :LOL:
  14. had 9 about 15 years ago
    once bitten etc.
  15. Well Chris and I have been together 8 years married for almost 2

  16. Do months count?? If so, its been a month and 3 days but thats defactoism.
    And for those who were at coffee last night and are wondering....yes he is still breathing :LOL: :LOL:
  17. Damn close to 27 now and never regretted a second of it...

    (Politically correct you see)
    Fugg that, that's one for those who believe in liability-claims :D :D
  18. 20 anniversaries, at which point I tendered my resignation.
  19. Round:1 - 11 long hard years :cry:
    Round:2 - 5 years that have just flown by so far!! :D