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Annitori RL quickshifter

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by Enigma, Jun 23, 2012.

  1. Hi Folks,

    I recently decided that it was time for a quick shifter as my next upgrade on the Bike. I have a track day coming so the excuse to she who controls everything was there :-s.

    After many hours of research through various manufacturers, I had kept coming to this product due to 3 main features

    - Stand alone and does not require any Fuel mapping computers to tie into
    - Device is not Mechanical so less chance of failure
    - Price

    *extracted from their site* - Annitori RL


    After putting the money down, Paul at annitori was very helpful in choosing the correct shift rod which was required for my install.

    So once the order was placed, I received the package in 5 working days ready to install

    Installation of the product is relatively easy. My 4 year old son even helped since it was that easy!

    What you get in the box:
    - Annitori quickshifter
    - Wiring loom for your bike
    - 2 right hand grub screws and locking bolts
    - Aluminum shift rod (if ordered seperately)
    - set of installation instructions



    Installation process in short hand:
    - disconnect old rod
    - Connect new rod with Quickshifter in line
    - Route cables and connect Ground to the negative battery terminal
    - connect wiring loom in series with the coil packs and existing loom

    Note: Make sure you order a left hand grub screw prior otherwise you will be stuck.

    After the installation was finished, I started the bike up to test and ensure the product was working and installed correctly. To do this, I put bike in gear and applied pressure to the shift rod, you should hear the bikes ignition momentarily cut. Once adequately satisfied of my installation, it was time for the big road test.

    First impressions. WOW, this is a whole new bike. Admittedly I was scared to flat shift first>second right away. But after growing the balls to do so, I suddenly realized that I was hitting the local 70km/h speed limit very quickly. After more road testing, I am finding that for 1>2 and 2>3 needs to be shifted above 4.5k RPM and with load on the engine to be smooth. Gear 3>4 and up are very smooth on the low RPM side and I would take this is due to the gear ratios setup on mine and most production bikes. Any shift above 4.5k RPM on all gears is like cutting a hot knife through butter. The higher your RPM the smoother and better the product works.

    The one benefit I have also found is that I can use the ignition cut of the Annitori in combination of my Clutch for smoother regular shifts when I do not feel spirited.

    The Quickshifter is a breeze to setup and has 3 pressure sensitivity settings as it's main adjustment

    - Red: Low sensitivity
    - Amber: Medium sensitivity (default)
    - Green: High sensitivity

    I am yet to try the others out, but according to the manual, the lower the sensitivity, the smoother the shift.

    Overall, this is the best US300 I have ever spent and I am very satisfied with the product and is on the top of the list of all modifications I have ever done. Although the product is "intended" for race/track use only. For the street, it is just as good and will assist in your regular shift process as well.

    I have a track day on the 27th so I am sure to get a surprise at 11k RPM WOT shifts.

    Any questions, please let me know and I'll be glad to assist

    Best Regards,
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  2. Nice one, I was eyeing one of them off but ended up getting the H&M standalone and running it through my ignition module. The anitori ones run an H&M sensor with their own controller as far as I know, so it should be good.
  3. Thats right UDLOSE, the RL is a cut down HM without the bells and whistles of customisation the HM one comes as featured. The RL unit has HM stamped on it.

    So perfect for people like me who won't need kill time ms customisation etc
  4. Further to my experience after 200+KM with the product, I have found that using the (RED) low sensitivity setting provides the smoothest shift action above 4.5k RPM. Down low it would still be notchy so I would recommend using the clutch. Even then, low / mid RPM shifts are smooth when timed right with the clutch as the unit will effectively cut the ignition for you.

    So far the product is holding up very well with no signs of stress on the shafts or wires.

    Bike wise, I have also changed my oil to Fuchs 10w40 Race Full synthetic oil and note that gear shifts are now even more smooth.

    Overall, this product keeps making me smile every time I shift flat from first to second, when in the past I did not have the balls to do so.

    Track day here we come!!