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Annandale road, vic

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by sheeped, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. Anyone familiar with this road? Its about 5 mins from my place so i ride it every day but im having trouble with some of the corners, mostly the sharp downhill ones but the one with Arundel road heading west i can never get right. I always run wide and sometimes end up in the middle lane! What am i doing wrong here? Its the only uphill corner i cant perfect!

  2. Look it up on google maps & link in the location of the corner..
  3. Thats the one!
    http://m.google.co.uk/u/m/we0ecF or this, not sure if it will work, i got the link from google maps on my phone!
    Edit: its the left turn im struggling to get right.
  4. Used to be a great short cut to drive to the airport if the freeway was stuffed until they sealed the road.

    Was also good to practice your rally technique on the gravel corners.
  5. So at what point do you start running wide???

    What line are you taking through the corner??

    Its more of a long sweeper than anything else, these can sometimes catch you out as it is easy to apex too early.

    It doesn't really have much of a declining radius, but is it possible the lines are causing you some angst, if you use them as a guide..

    Also hard to tell from the google street view as their cameras are high up, but do you have issues seeing the inside of the corner while on the bike??
  6. I end up crossing the middle where the dotted lines are, I really cant see much of the corner at all because the whole left side is a massive hill! I think im taking the first part too wide in anticipation for the next part of the corner. Maybe i just need to take it a little slower?
  7. The dog leg? the intersection with arundel? or the 90 degree job at the bridge?

    it's been a while since I last went down there, although I am sure someone could follow you through it for a cup of coffee...
  8. The intersection with Arundel! If anyone in the area wants to come down with me, i'll happily shout a coffee, PM ME :D
  9. How do you start the corner. If you start wqrong you are likely to finish wrong.

    Read up on Rob's conrenering 1021, 102 etc and rember to start wide and finish tight.

    Try backing off you speed to a speed where you can get it right then slowly increase.
  10. Yes!. ^^
    And learn about countersteering. THAT is how you make your bike turn.
    If you already know of it, then you aren't using it well enough then.
  11. Have you been :beer: again Dave? :wink:
  12. Occasionally I have a drink or three but always my typing sucks. For all I know I type better pissed. I could proof read but if you guys can't read typo then I figure you just miss out on my pearls of wisdom.

    And took me about three goes to type this and correct all (hopefully) the typos
  13. just going to give my 2c without reading through the thread as i am lazy:
    -look through the corner
    -slow down to a speed you think is too slow and perfect the line, thinking about where you tip in and power out
    -bump it up by 3-5km/h each pass until you think you're going at a reasonable click
    -don't go so fast that you scare yourself - we learn best at 75% of our maximum level, not 100% and shit scared.
  14. Also thats a localish road for me, if you like we can head out together sometime?
    Second set of eyes can't hurt =]