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Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by shabby, Jan 20, 2005.

  1. Two aussies were on an airplane , sitting next to them was a New Zealander.
    The Kiwi decides to take his shoes off to make himself more comfortable,after sitting for a while the kiwi gets up to go to get
    himself a drink, being polite he asked the aussies if they would like him to get them anything .
    Yeah they replied we'll have a couple of beers .
    While the kiwi was getting the drinks one of the Auswies picks up one of the shoes and spits in it.
    After a while the kiwi dcides to have another drink, would you boys like me to get you anything? He asked. Yep we'll have a couple of beers the boys reply. When the kiwi is at the bar the other Aussie grabs the other shoe and spits in it.
    When they were getting ready to land the kiwi puts on his shoes,and realises whats been going on.
    Indignant he turns to the two offenders and said when is all this animosity between our two countries going to stop .
    What with spitting in shoes and pissing in beers